AdvanTec Global Innovations


After a series of acquisitions, AdvanTec unifies to remain competitive and best serve its customer base.

By Staci Davidson, Managing Editor, Knighthouse Media

AdvanTec Global Innovations is highly recognized for its strengths in the industrial and marine markets because of its quality pipe bending and metal fabrication capabilities, among other skills. With recent changes, the company may soon be recognized more for evolution. Not only has AdvanTec evolved its own operations, but it continues to adapt and change to best serve the needs of its customers around the globe. The company’s capabilities prove its strengths, and its new focus will ensure ongoing levels of high quality and service.

Based in Langley, British Columbia, AdvanTec is a leader in innovation and creative manufacturing systems and processes, dedicated to working closely to meet customers’ needs in terms of precise quality and cost. On one side, AdvanTec is the leader manufacturer, designer and integrator of custom enclosures, oil field skids and related products for commercial and industrial applications. AdvanTec has locations in the United States and Canada to design, engineer and manufacture specialty closures for North American and international navies, governments, militaries, commercial vessels and super yacht builders. AdvanTec is notably stronger by bringing its industrial and marine sides together.