Aerofilm Systems


Aerofilm Systems manufactures air casters, which can move massive and heavy items safely.

By Mark Lawton

Aerofilm Systems manufacturers the most useful product that you probably never heard of.

The company, which opened its first U.S. location in August, sells air casters. The device uses compressed air to create a thin air film between the floor and the air caster. The technique, which is often compared to the hovercraft, allows the air caster and whatever it is carrying to float a fraction of a millimeter above the floor, which allows it to carry extremely heavy loads.

How heavy? “The smallest [air caster] is eight inches in diameter and can lift 1,100 pounds,” says Michiel Driessen, a technical applications specialist who heads the U.S. office in Westfield, Ind. “The largest is 48 inches in diameter and can lift 88,000 pounds. You need at least three air casters to keep balance so the largest ones have at least a 264,000 pound capacity.”