Dimensional Control Systems


Dimensional Control Systems provides software and services to analyze assemblies before they are manufactured to determine improvements that could save $1 million or more in production.

By Mark Lawton, Senior Editor, Knighthouse Media

Manufacturers who want to predict problems with their products before being assembled might want to check in with Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) of Troy, Mich.

“We analyze the assemble-ability of a multi-component product,” says Gary Bell, a senior dimensional analyst who has been with the company since its inception. “For example, a vehicle will have 300 sheet metal parts that have to come together. Once they are together, the hood and doors have to fit. [Automakers] can’t make perfect parts. What our company does with our software, in the computer [simulation] we build cars with imperfect parts to predict where they will have problems on the assembly line.”

“It is often called a digital twin,” says Ben Reese, marketing director. “You can work digitally instead of working on actual products. This lets you test configurations, processes and tolerances with much less prototyping.”