Entegris – Microcontamination Control Division

Entegris micro photo 2Entegris’ microcontamination control creates custom processes for eliminating impurities in semiconductor manufacturing. 
By Tim O’Connor, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

When fabricating chips and devices that operate on the microscopic scale, even the smallest imaginable contamination can compromise a component. A single spec of dirt can shorten the lifespan of a semiconductor or cause it to operate in unexpected ways. That can have wide-ranging consequences. It’s an inconvenience when a smartphone shorts out, but if it happens in a vehicle traveling 70 mph on the interstate it can be disastrous.

“It’s not the end of the world if your cell phone has a glitch or you get a blue screen on your laptop, but in the car, a glitch – if it’s a fully autonomous vehicle – can result in the loss of a life,” says Clint Haris, senior vice president and general manager for Entegris.