Genius Solutions


Genius Solutions used its years of industry expertise to build an ERP solution for custom manufacturers who make highly engineered products.

By Staci Davidson, Managing Editor, Knighthouse Media

Genius Solutions has more than 25 years of experience helping manufacturing clients solve some of their biggest challenges. The company initially offered professional consulting services to industrial engineers, helping them to increase quality and improve their processes. It started refining its software more than a decade ago, and Genius ERP has just recently released its 11th version. As CEO Jean Magny explains, Genius Solutions’ manufacturing expertise and depth of knowledge is key to its ability to help clients grow their business.

“We used the experience we had improving performance and increasing throughput to build an ERP solely for manufacturers, and really focused on solving the riddle of high-mix, low-volume manufacturing,” Magny says. “It started with educating companies, investigating where the bottlenecks were, reworking processes, and then working closely with them to find practical solutions – that transitioned into building a software that could help their entire plant, connecting the whole company from the top floor to the shop floor. Our implementation teams are made up of mechanical and industrial engineers, as well as accountants who understand manufacturing environments, because we know the success of our ERP software is not just about the quality of the platform, it’s closely related to the knowledge that has to be transferred. Even though we’re a tech company, we know that people make the tools work, not the other way around.”