Liburdi Automation

Liburdi Automation pic 1Liburdi Automation offers expertise for new product development and turnkey welding solutions. 

By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing 

When it comes to automated, vision-based welding systems, Liburdi Automation has stamped out a name for itself in the metallurgical engineering industry. 

Liburdi manufactures high-precision, vision-based welding systems, multi-axis articulated motion systems and controllers for welding applications in turbine, aerospace, nuclear, industrial and automotive industries.

“We get involved with a lot of applications for welding in a radioactive environment,” Director of Marketing Bob Tollett says. “For example, for those that don’t want to put a human at risk, we can design mini robots with vision systems who can go into a reactor and find a defect and repair it.”