Nordic Sensors Industrial Inc.


Nordic Sensors Industrial continues to evolve with its customer base, while maintaining high levels of quality, service and flexibility. 

By Staci Davidson, Managing Editor, Knighthouse Media

Nordic Sensors Industrial Inc. started out small, with the goal of becoming the premier temperature sensor manufacturer. This is where many manufacturers’ stories trail off – they want to be the top in their market, and they continually work toward that with continuous improvement projects. Nordic Sensors, however, achieved its goal with temperature sensors, so it needed a new goal. Now, the company aims to be the best in providing complete process control systems, and that is where this story starts.

“My brother and I were the original founders of this company 22 years ago,” President Max Di Paola says. “We started by making one simple product – temperature sensors – and we got so good at it that our company expanded rapidly within the first three to four years. We perfected the design and production of sensors to a point where our customers began to approach us with demands for other products. They appreciated our service and our quality. One of the requests we received was to provide heaters, while still ensuring the same level of quality and customer service excellence. After a couple of years, we began manufacturing heaters, even though they are completely different from sensors, where one gives off heat and the other reads temperature.”