Portable Intelligence Inc.

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Now that so many factories are going the smart route, Portable Intelligence is helping its customers ensure their warehouses are just as efficient.

By Staci Davidson, Managing Editor, Knighthouse Media

Most manufacturing facilities have a good handle on how much material and labor it takes to make something, Jeff Lem explains, but facilities aren’t as informed when it comes to material movement and flow. As founder and president of Portable Intelligence Inc., Lem has an idea of what manufacturers need to do to gain this knowledge. A big part of it is adding smart warehouses to smart factories.

“We work with several auto parts manufacturers,” Lem explains. “Their data sets can tell them when materials are dropped off, but the data can’t tell them when the material was first picked up and where, so they don’t know how much time it takes to bring materials from point A to point B. When you know the OEM is going to increase output by 50 percent in the next two years, you know you can scale your manufacturing but you don’t know how to scale your material handling other than by adding bodies. The data doesn’t show you how many people to add, so the operation just gets more crowded and congested, and that impacts safety and efficiency.”