ProcessPro’s ERP system has been developed to meet the needs of batch process manufacturers.

By Jim Harris, Senior Editor, Knighthouse Media

The needs of batch process manufacturers in regulated environments differ greatly from those of producers in other manufacturing industries.

“A typical discrete manufacturing scenario involves having ‘x’-number of steel plates and ‘x’-number of bolts, assembling them, and then serializing every nut and bolt in the finished piece,” says Joe Blauert, general manager for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software developer ProcessPro.

“Contrarily, if you’re a salsa manufacturer making a base batch of 1,000 gallons, there are multiple lots of raw ingredients such as tomatoes and peppers mixed in a vat,” he notes. “When you’re done with a base batch, it’s common for manufacturers to divide the batch into 100 gallons to make hot salsa, and 100 gallons for sweet salsa. An additional 400 gallons could then become private label, which creates different SKUs and product names.”