Select International


Select International’s robust assessments help manufacturers identify the best qualified and least risky job candidates.
By Tim O’Connor

Back in the ‘90s, the typical manufacturing hiring process involved a two-hour proctored exam followed by a series of interviews. Technology has made today’s screening process more streamlined. Instead of in-person exams, candidates can now complete assessments online or from their mobile devices, making it much easier to compete for jobs and widening the pool of applicants.

But something was lost in that convenience. Less formality means applicants are less likely to take the process seriously, and some hires make less of an effort once they are on the job. “The harder you make the selection process the more that person is going to want that job and stay in that job once they get it because it’s a badge of honor,” says Dr. Matthew O’Connell, co-founder and executive vice president at Select International, an employee assessment provider.