Vistex’s incentive management solutions help manufacturers use rebates and promotions to drive revenue and improve bottom lines. By Kat Zeman, Knighthouse Media


Most manufacturers realize that their customers expect promotions and rebates. They factor that into the cost of doing business.

They know that today’s consumers view the list price as a starting point. Consumers may not care if the discount is given at the time of purchase or after the sale, but they expect to get one.

“Companies go into a sale knowing that anywhere from five to 25 percent of the price will be refunded back to the customer,” says Cara DeGraff, vice president of product management at Vistex, a global enterprise software company that enables organizations to better deploy their products and services through incentive, rebate, price, vendor, trade and channel management programs. “The biggest complaint that I hear from manufacturers about rebates is that they want the ability to make sure that they are getting something for their money.”