Allied Alloys


Allied Alloys plans to continue growing over the next two years.

By Alan Dorich

When Allied Alloys buys scrap, it knows where it comes from. “We actually analyze all of the scrap before we put it into our inventory,” Co-owner Nidhi Turakhia. “We don’t want to get involved in the trade of stuff that was not purchased properly.”

Based in Houston, Allied processes nickel alloys, non-ferrous and ferrous metals to resale into all industries including foundries, mills, as well as end consumers. Turakhia says the company was formed in 2006 when the other two current owners, Mukesh Turakhia and Andy Mitch Greenberg, formed a partnership.

Although Allied has only operated for 11 years, “We have over 100 years’ experience, because all of the owners come from a scrap background,” she says, adding that the company accepts scrap from oil and gas companies such as Schlumberger Ltd. and BP p.l.c., as well as other scrap dealers and brokers. “We accept and purchase scrap metal from all over the world.”

Allied Alloys