Boone Center Inc.


Boone Center strives to achieve its ultimate vision by providing meaningful employment to adults with disabilities and being a value-added partner to its customers. 

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Boone Center Inc. (BCI) is driven to be an efficient and cost-effective co-packer for companies looking for an outsourced solution to their business needs while fulfilling its social mission to provide jobs and opportunities for adults with disabilities. “We are a real co-packing, production and manufacturing facility that will do $20 million in revenue this year,” CEO Tony Spielberg says. “Most customers we have done work with in the past say we outperform our competitors in quality and production. I would put our workforce up against any of our competition.”

Margaret Holmes and Jane Crider founded the St. Peters, Mo.-based company nearly 60 years ago as a home-based candle shop with a mission to employ adults with disabilities. “They started this business with just one employee,” Spielberg says. “The support and response they received in the community strengthened their belief that everyone, regardless of ability, had the right and deserved the chance to find fulfillment through work.”

Boone Center Inc.