CCM Hockey


Montreal-based CCM is positioned as one of the largest hockey equipment manufacturers in the world. By Stephanie Crets

CCM Hockey is a company and a brand completely dedicated to hockey. Not only is it one of the largest hockey equipment manufacturers in the world, but all the employees – no matter what their position in the company – live and breathe hockey every day. “Everyone plays or just enjoys being a fan of hockey,” President Philippe Dube says. “I started a bit too late in my life to be a good hockey player, but I play in a league in Montreal every Wednesday night. I’m not going to be pro anytime soon.”

Up until five years ago, the company’s sales were dominated by the Reebok brand. But, according to Dube, it’s now almost 100 percent CCM. CCM was founded in 1899 and originally known as Canada Cycle & Motor Company. But the market for bicycles in Canada began to rapidly decline in 1905 thanks to market saturation and seasonal issues. At the same time, ice hockey was growing rapidly in popularity. CCM decided to dedicate its business to the sport, launching CCM Automobile Skate and dominating the hockey skate business for 30 years.

Since the split from the Reebok brand, Dube has tripled CCM’s profits in three-and-a-half years. Now, the company is investing in a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to link all CCM businesses globally. Because everyone has different product codes, it won’t go live until January 2017 to ensure complete success. The new system will generate efficiency gains, consolidate procurements and allow for easier vendor management. 

CCM Hockey