Fisher Barton


Fisher Barton introduces a self-sharpening, state-of-the-art lawnmower blade.  

By Kat Zeman

Born inside the minds of engineers at the Fisher Barton Technology Center, the new LaserEdge EverSharp self-sharpening lawn mover blade is the first of its kind. Since the hardened steel blade literally sharpens itself while in use, it eliminates the need for end-users to spend time sharpening it – shaving away costs associated with downtime.

“It’s been under development for a couple of years and this year we are ready to launch,” Fisher Barton Group President Igor Zelenovskiy says. “We will soon start shipping to selective OEMs for the product launch.”

The new line of LaserEdge EverSharp blades is being launched by Fisher Barton Blades, a leading producer of lawn mower blades worldwide, which is owned by Fisher Barton Group. The blades are designed to solve many of the issues industrial lawn mower users experience, mainly frequent downtime spent sharpening dull blades.

Fisher Barton