Fluid Metering

ThinkstockPhotos 179048860Fluid Metering delivers products that the medical diagnostics market can depend on. By Staff Writer

When medical professionals provide care, they need products they can rely on to operate without problems. They often turn to Fluid Metering Inc. (FMI) for that reason, since the company utilizes the best manufacturers it can find for its product components, President Harry Pinkerton says.

“We try to work directly with suppliers without going through distributors for engineered parts,” he says. “We use the best vendors from around the world for critical components, strong vendor qualification standards, and we continually audit and work with vendors to assure quality.”

Based in Syosset, N.Y., FMI provides metering pumps and dispensers for an array of markets. Pinkerton’s father started the company in 1959 as a hydraulically actuated diaphragm pump business.

The company ultimately became the first to win a patent for its valve-less, rotating and reciprocating piston metering pump concept. The idea for a valve-less product, Pinkerton notes, originated from the low-pressure valve problems customers had with diaphragm pumps.

Fluid Metering