GB Manufacturing/GB Fabrication/Par-Kan Co.


Sister companies GB Manufacturing and Par-Kan Co. bring innovations to the Work Truck Show.

By Jim Harris

Mark Ries knew from an early age that there was one big problem faced by people who work with tools. “My father was a carpenter, and I worked with him from when I was eight years old into my mid-20s,” he says. “It seemed like every time I went to the tool box, the tool I needed was always on the bottom.”

Ries – who now works as vice president of sales and engineering for GB Manufacturing and GB Fabrication, a metal fabrication company based in Delta, Ohio with divisions in Shiloh and Shelby, Ohio – recently had an idea that would solve this problem. “I wanted to put a door on the front of it; that way, you could just open the door and get what you wanted from the bottom,” he says.

During development of the toolbox, a few of Ries’ colleagues from GB Fabrication had additional suggestions about further uses. “One member of the team said this could be turned into a dog box,” Ries says. “We also realized the top shelf would be a great place to store guns.”

GB Manufacturing/GB Fabrication/Par-Kan Co.