Hernon Manufacturing

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Hernon Manufacturing creates total solutions for its oem clients in the adhesives industry.

By Tim O’Connor

The pressure of supplying adhesive and sealant solutions for everything from aircraft parts to a soldier’s ammunition box could be overwhelming for some, but Hernon Manufacturing’s reputation for high quality helps Sales and Marketing Director Edgardo Rodriguez sleep well at night. He knows his customers are well cared for. “I’m proud of being able to solve customer problems with unique solutions,” he says.

This reputation for quality has been established over the last four decades. Brothers Harry and Josef Arnon established the company in 1978 in the Bronx, New York, and later relocated to Sanford, Fla., in 1989, where it has been located ever since. Hernon Manufacturing creates specialty adhesives, sealants and other liquid chemical products. Hernon® also began producing its own precision dispensing and curing equipment about 12 years ago, transforming itself into an end-to-end solutions provider for its OEM clients. 

Hernon Manufacturing