moxtekMoxtek excels at producing optics and X-ray products that meet the demands of its customers. By Jim Harris

The technical expertise of Moxtek’s staff and the company’s ability to adjust its manufacturing operations to customer demands are at the core of its success.

“I think the people here are just outstanding,” says Roger Critchfield, vice president and chief logistics officer for the Orem, Utah-based company. “With the team we have, I feel that when we understand what the client’s problem is, we can solve anything.”

The company specializes in two types of technology: X-rays and optics. Moxtek operates divisions, or groups, dedicated to each technology type. “We operate two companies under one roof,” Critchfield says.

Moxtek maintains a strong market position in both of its product categories. The company’s customers include electronics and technology OEMs as well as the scientific sector.