NHK Seating

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NHK Seating of America is a JIT provider of high-quality, low-cost seating to fast-growing Japanese automotive manufacturers operating in the United States.

By Jim Harris

NHK Seating of America has not changed its product focus since it opened its doors 30 years ago. The product it manufactures, on the other hand, has changed significantly during that time.

“The car seat itself has evolved from a comfort standpoint and based on what consumers want,” says Richard Reck, plant manager for the Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry. “The safety structure of seats related to air bag functions has completely changed. We’ve seen car seats evolve from being bolted to the car body floor and being completely manually controlled to being something that can be adjusted by the push of a button and protect you with air bags from many angles during an accident.”

NHK Seating