Primary Color


Primary Color delivers visual marketing solutions that live up to clients’ expectations every time. By Chris Petersen

No matter how digital the world becomes, there will always be a place for printing services to create visual solutions that are more tangible than digital materials. At the same time, innovative visual solutions providers such as California-based Primary Color are leveraging their technological expertise to elevate the printing process and create marketing materials that create an impact no digital display can match.

Founded in 1984, Primary Color has become one of the leading providers of print media products and solutions for a wide variety of clients in the retail, entertainment, automotive, restaurant, events and exhibit segments. CEO Vincent Randazzo says the company’s drive to be on the cutting-edge of technology and provide a complete solution for its customers’ needs have been the catalysts for its prolonged success.

“Primary has positioned itself as an industry leader through its dedication to print innovation, quality and service,” he says. “By focusing on technology, Primary analyzes traditional workflows, recommends improvements and develops and implements modern, systems-driven print solutions. Primary provides a turnkey service across all pre-media, print and web-based technologies to simplify marketing execution.”

Primary Color