Specialty Manufacturing Inc.


Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. provides custom, high-quality silicone parts to the medical and industrial sectors.

By Jim Harris, Senior Editor, Knighthouse Media

Many of Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI)’s customers look to them to provide custom silicone product solutions that their larger competitors cannot. “We take on jobs that have been no-quoted by large manufacturers,” Vice President Kristi Wiechmann says. “If someone has a very intricate and difficult design and needs a high standard of quality, they can come to us.”

One of the company’s recent customers posed specific questions about how SMI adheres silicone to another silicone, metal or plastic component – a specialty of the company’s. “We could tell, based on their questions, that they were having difficulties making their product,” Wiechmann recalls. “After answering all their questions and winning their business, we learned they were eight weeks behind schedule because their previous supplier was new to silicone molding and could not make their part.

“We took the tooling they had already made, put it into our machines, and because of the knowledge that we have we were able to make their part right away and get them back on track,” she adds.

Specialty Manufacturing Inc.