Stacker LLC

4up Stacker’s 3-D printers offer clients quality and efficiency at a lower cost. By Alan Dorich

Stacker LLC’s customer base includes almost anyone in the world, CEO Norston Fontaine says. “Everybody needs a 3-D printer,” he declares, naming industrial plants that move fluids as an example.

“[They] should have a 3-D printer so they can make their own gaskets, O-rings or seals,” he says. “A first-year CAD student could design anything that most industries need for cheap [with a 3-D printer].”

Minneapolis-based Stacker manufactures high-speed, multi-part and industrial-grade 3-D printers. Fontaine founded the company last year with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $413,000 in just 13 days.

“We’re really proud of what we did,” he recalls, noting that campaigns for niche projects sometimes fail. “According to Kickstarter, it was pretty incredible.”

Stacker LLC