Wyatt Technology


Wyatt Technology’s small size helps it provide strong service to light scattering instrument buyers.

By Tim O’Connor

For a company that’s all about measurements, there’s never really been a straightforward way for Wyatt Technology to measure success. The Santa Barbara, Calif.-based company, which specializes in producing light scattering instruments used to determine the absolute weights and sizes of macromolecules, is not governed by a regulatory agency or industry organization that collects data or compares instruments. Understanding Wyatt’s products’ acceptance by the market was always a bit of a mystery.

That is, until Clifford Wyatt, executive vice president and one of the founder’s two sons, realized the company could get a sense of its impact by looking at how many peer-reviewed articles cited Wyatt Technology’s instruments. After combing through the data, the company found that there were more than 13,000 peer-reviewed articles that have referenced Wyatt Technology since the company began in 1982. “By having so many papers published in peer-review [journals], we really do demonstrate the technical superiority and market adoption that stands behind each product,” President Geofrey Wyatt says.

A clearer picture of its impact on chemical, industrial and commercial customers has helped Wyatt Technology better market its instruments. “The best way to sell something is word of mouth,” Geofrey Wyatt states. “The second best way is to point to somebody who has measured the same thing you want to measure and show their published results.”

Wyatt Technology