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Skyline Exhibits maintains its leadership position by focusing on quality, innovation and on-time delivery.

By Staci Davidson, Knighthouse Media

Since it was established in 1980, Skyline has become a leader in the exhibit industry, with representation in 30 countries and serving well more than 100,000 clients, including many in the Fortune 500 and Fortune 50. Additionally, the company demonstrates its leadership with awards for product design, innovation and exhibit design. Vice President of Operations Tim Brengman credits all of this to Skyline’s ongoing commitment to answering the evolving needs of exhibitors.


Capstone Turbine makes small, powerful generators for myriad applications that will run on almost any combustible fuel.

By Mark Lawton, Knighthouse Media

Kirk Petty, vice president of manufacturing at Capstone Turbine Corporation of Van Nuys, Calif., describes the company’s microturbines as a powerplant in a box.

Its smallest product, the C30, generates 30 KW, enough to power about 20 American houses. Not bad for a device that weighs 891 pounds and is 70 inches high. A larger turbine such as the C1000S will generate 1,000 KW, enough to power about 667 houses or an office building in Manhattan – where Capstone recently installed a microturbine.


Continental will enhance its capabilities with its new Blue Marlin facility.

By Alan Dorich, Knighthouse Media

Continental Aerospace Technologies is in the business of providing piston aircraft engines and components, but the company owes its success to its human factor. “This is the strongest team I’ve been a part of,” Executive Vice President of Global Operations Michael Skolnik declares.

“We’re firing on all cylinders and pushing towards the future,” he continues. “Our engineering team is continually innovating and developing products, our operations team is delivering quality products to the market and helping improve customer satisfaction, and we’re building a world class customer service team with 24-7 support across the globe.”


Detroit Manufacturing Systems enters 2019 with a new leader who is committed to investing in the latest technology and diversifying its customer base for continued growth.  

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Knighthouse Media

Detroit is the birthplace of the American automotive industry, affectionately known as “Motor City.” In 2017, more than two million cars and trucks rolled off 11 Michigan assembly lines. Including suppliers like Detroit Manufacturing Systems, there are more than 1,600 automotive-related manufacturing establishments in Michigan.

“In 2012, Detroit Manufacturing Systems launched a new large-scale manufacturing facility within the city limits for the first time in decades and is helping to revitalize the city through significant job creation,” says Bruce Smith, majority owner, chairman and CEO. “We are a modular assembly company that focuses on instrument panels and center consoles for the automotive industry; however, we have the ability to easily migrate into other product lines because we are a process-centric firm as compared to a product-centric one.”

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