Accudyne Industries/Haskel International


For nearly 70 years, the Haskel brand has been synonymous with quality and reliability. “I’m proud of the respect the brand receives globally,” says George Volk, director of sales for the brand. “When it comes to high-pressure pumps, we have a very good global reputation for having high-quality products and being responsive to customers’ needs, and as a result we have a great deal of customer loyalty.”

The brand’s reputation and heritage, which extends back to 1946, brought it to the attention of investors BC Partners and the Carlyle Group, which purchased Haskel, Milton Roy, BuTech, Sundyne, Sullair and other brands from the Hamilton Sundstrand division of United Technologies Corp. in December 2012. The Haskel brand is now a part of a new company, Accudyne Industries LLC.

Haskel manufactures high-pressure liquid pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers and accessories. Haskel pumps are used in industries including oil and gas production, aerospace, automotive and defense to generate, contain, distribute and control high-pressure gases and liquids. The brand’s most common application is in hydro testing, Volk says.

“One of the things the Haskel brand does extremely well is offer a wider breadth of products compared to our competitors,” he adds.

The Haskel brand is the top-selling product line of its kind in the world. Another high-pressure technology the company manufactures is the BuTech brand of valves, fitting and tubing that are the second highest sellers globally. The BuTech products, which are capable of handling pressure ranging from 10,000 to 150,000 psi, are used in applications including offshore oil and gas production control systems, water jet blasting, low-density polyethylene production and isostatic molding, Volk says.

A Global Presence

Product development has been Accudyne’s highest priority since the acquisition, and as a result, Haskel’s research and development budget has been increased substantially.  “We recognize that air-driven and hydraulic components are being replaced with alternative power so we have to develop new technology to maintain our leadership position,” he says. “We’re also continually upgrading our capabilities in response to the marketplace.”

The company is also strengthening its global sales strategy by expanding its  sales application engineering groups  in Asia and Europe to respond to the needs of customers in those regions.  “By aligning our groups strategically throughout these regions, we can better address local requirements and regulations,” Volk adds.

‘A Positive Spirit’

Although the global market is more of a focus for the company, Haskel and BuTech will continue to maintain a strong presence in the United States, Plant Manager Josephine Bass says.

Haskel performs machining on CNC machines and other equipment, and also purchases machined parts from suppliers including DA-LO Engineering, which provide it with precision plastic and metal components. Haskel is DA-LO’s largest client. “They demand top quality, and DA-LO has provided consistently for Haskel for the past seven years,” DA-LO Engineering says. “We get it right the first time.”

Haskel is continually working on improved manufacturing methodologies to increase its capabilities to meet the demands of its customers in the oil and gas industry. “As the standards evolve within this industry, we have to ensure that our machining and assembly techniques progress with those requirements,” Bass says.

In addition, the company is investing in employee training. This training not only includes these upgraded manufacturing methods, but also Six Sigma concepts.

In addition to attaining Six Sigma certification, Haskel employees in the Burbank facility contribute positively to the company’s operations by suggesting process improvements. The company has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars this year by implementing suggestions from employees and management.

“Our company culture is geared toward making this one of the best places to work,” concludes George Volk. “Since the Accudyne acquisition, we’ve seen an increased commitment to everything we do.”