Adast is pressing ahead

With a very long and rich history, and the ability to overcome any challenge, Adast has developed a great reputation as a well-known manufacturer of high quality printing presses.

Today, as an expert in this sector, the company develops printing machines for customers across the world. The business’ success in both the Czech Republic and in foreign markets is a result of its wide range of products, which are complimented by an individual approach to customer needs, high quality services and continuous research and development programmes.

By constantly producing new innovative solutions, Adast’s product range has developed to include premium presses, which manufacture paper sizes from A3 to B2. These machines are delivered in two, four and five colour versions. Furthermore, all printing machines are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with FOGRA recommendations. In addition to new equipment, the business provides used machines, which are offered at a competitive price. The organisation’s entire range is complimented by excellent after-sales services and an extensive variety of accessories.

Adast equipment boasts many benefits; firstly, the electronic components used to develop the machines have been selected from the best suppliers in the world. Secondly, the strength and durability of the presses allows customers to produce high quality prints for a significant amount of time, without any breakdowns. And lastly, all Adast machines have extremely safe and easy operations, which are certified according to Geprüfte Sicherheit (‘tested safety’) – a certification mark for technical equipment that meets German and European safety requirements.

Certified according to ISO 9001, the company currently has over 600 employees, who produce approximately 200 printing presses a year, 80 per cent of which are exported across the world. Adast is located in the town of Adamov, situated 15 kilometres from Brno in the Czech Republic. The company’s history dates back to over six centuries ago with written records in 1421 giving evidence of pig iron output.

The year 1952 saw the beginnings of sheet-fed offset printing equipment for Adast, with the introduction of a small-format press called the Zetaprinton 30. Large-format presses were introduced in the 1960s with the Adast Romayor. Innovative thinking then enabled the company to penetrate new markets, including Canada, the US, Australia and Japan. During the 1970s offset printing was developed with the introduction of the Adast Dominant A2 press. It was these presses that allowed the business to be amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of printing equipment. In the late 1970s, demands for B2, B3 and B4 formats spurred the development and modification of the Dominant, and as a result new production equipment was born, which catered for these needs.

David Becvar, managing director for the organisation comments: “With more than five decades of experience in the development of high quality printing presses, Adast has developed extensive knowledge of the market and its needs. Furthermore, having manufactured over 9000 presses, which have been installed all over the world, we are able to anticipate and meet complex printing requirements, whilst providing extremely high quality products. Every Adast 507, 707, 315 and 807 machine is developed using this collective knowledge.”

Looking at the current condition of the market, David continues: “At the moment, the industry is demanding high quality presses, delivered on time and with great customer service. We are focused on providing this – Adast can deliver premium products, with high levels of automation and at an affordable price. The main challenge now is product development. We aim to continually offer new solutions to our customers, which improve their operations. By offering this, over time, we have built strong relationships with our clients.”

He adds: “Our research and development department plays an extremely important role within our business. As a result, we developed a significant number of patented products over the years. Our main objective is to continually meet our customers’ needs, therefore we are constantly designing new presses, which offer improved automation and are easier to operate. Our R&D department keeps a close eye on the market so it is able to develop machines, which meet and exceed our clients’ demands.”

With an estimated organic growth rate of five per cent per year, Adast is continuing to expand but in a controlled way. As a result, the company does not lose touch with its clients. Looking at future growth, David concludes: “Adast exports its products all over the world, including Russia, China and the US. Our biggest market at the moment is the Czech Republic, but we are also particularly strong in the Ukraine, Russia and Poland. During 2008 we are planning to increase our presence in these areas so we can support our clients and continually meet their needs.”


Products: Printing machines
Sites: Czech Republic
Employees: 500