Airspace Technologies

Managing the demands of logistics is critical for any manufacturer, especially in sectors like semiconductors and other technology that require specialized attention. Moving crucial parts for research and development or other aspects of the manufacturing process requires a partner that can provide peace of mind through transparency and dependability.

That has been the foundational principle behind the creation of Airspace Technologies, and owner Nick Bulcao says the start-up is providing a technological edge to manufacturers’ supply chains that was sorely lacking in the past. “It’s a perfect marriage of a cutting-edge software with industry-experienced logistics experts to create a model that will modernize the way logistics is being managed today,” Bulcao says.

Bulcao brought CTO Ryan Rusnak on board, and from there the two set about developing a software platform that would serve to optimize customers’ supply chains and logistics operations. Bulcao says the experience they had allowed them to identify the most common causes of delivery failures. “That platform was built on how we eliminate errors, basically,” he says.

In January, the company hired Director Kimberly Rodriguez and Cristhian Contador, director of global operations, to head their sales and global operations.  Both have more than 20 years in the time-critical market, and agreed with Bulcao that the logistics market needed to be modernized. His team launched the first version of the software in January, and Bulcao says the unique combination of experience and 21st-century logistics software is the main reason for the company’s excitement about the future.

Optimum Option

According to Rodriguez, customers in fields including high-tech, semiconductors, life sciences and medicine can benefit from Airspace Technologies’ software platform because it can provide them with the most streamlined logistics options possible. “The focus of our company is to provide time-critical logistics solutions,” she says. “Our whole business is built on providing that next-flight-out, critical, time-urgent shipping solution, and with the software that [Rusnak] has developed, it really launched us into a 21st century logistics model.”

Rusnak says many of the problems manufacturers encounter with time-critical logistics is finding the most optimal route in a time-sensitive manner. What Airspace Technologies’ software platform does to solve that problem is to compare millions of possible routes and filter them down to the optimal route. Rusnak says the software does this better than any human being could do because many times the optimum route can be seem counterintuitive to people.

The company says its software eliminates much of the human error that occurs when managing a critical shipment. The platform immediately notifies the closest drivers with the appropriate-size vehicles to collect the shipment in record time, allowing it to make an earlier flight and have the shipment delivered well before competitors could.

“Because we know that our customers are much savvier today than ever before, we have made our platform completely transparent to our customers,” Bulcao says. “There’s nothing we want to hide from our customers; we have given them full rights to watch our operation perform at levels they have never seen.  Cristhian Contador runs a tight ship with his strong team of experts.  Our platform invites our customers to watch every step of our operations; they can even see where our drivers are at all times.”[1]

Full Transparency

Airspace Technologies’ platform also provides value to customers by providing them with an unparalleled level of transparency. Rusnak says the company’s platform is far from a “black box” solution that obscures data about customers’ shipments, but provides as much transparency as possible. Cloud computing allows customers and drivers to have real-time data about their shipment at virtually every point along the way.

Bulcao notes that Airspace Technologies is “dedicated to giving its customers more – because they deserve  it.” He is partnering with a company that will provide GPS tracking even when a shipment is on a plane. “Because our customers require full visibility of their critical shipments, the one ‘black hole’ has been once a shipment has been tendered to an airline,” Bulcao says. “Our partnership will give full transparency from pickup, when a shipment is on the flight to final delivery.”

A Good Fit

Rodriguez and Contador agree that as companies continue to ride the wave of a volatile market, the dynamic engineering and scalable software of Airspace Technologies will prove to be recession-proof. “Our software has been built to manage the most critical shipments from cradle to grave without companies having to bring on additional overhead to manage the business,” Bulcao says. “Airspace Technologies does it for them.”

“This is why companies are excited about Airspace and how we can modernize their logistics,” Rodriguez comments. “We have given back control to the customer by our immediate communication, full transparency in order for the customer to make informed decisions, eliminating the needless human mistakes that delay shipments. And the best part: We’re not charging anymore for this software. We know this is what customers have been wanting and, as Bulcao says, our customers deserve it.”