Algol Technics Oy

Algol Technics is maintaining high standards

As an integral part of the Algol Group, Algol Technics Oy specialises in three main business areas, namely industrial product solutions, project deliveries, and service and maintenance contracts.

The business was borne out of an organisational restructuring that took place in 2004, which saw five sales divisions streamlined into three highly focused companies – Algol Chemicals Oy, Algol Technics Oy and Algol Pharma Oy. Specifically, the Technics division is comprised of the old material handling, technical and steel departments. Today, The Algol Group generates sales of over 250 million euros.

Still in its relative infancy, the new incarnation of the business showcases its expertise in three business units, which are lifting and moving solutions, operating reliability services, and products. Whether a customer uses just one of the business units or an amalgamation of the three, the main aim of Algol Technics is to add value to the operations of its clientele. This is achieved through the delivery of product and service solutions that improve the functionality and performance of the customer’s production processes and prolong the life span of machinery and equipment. This is supported by a commitment to pinpointing, and therefore focusing on, the specific needs of each company it works with and utilising their resources in the best way possible.

Specifically, the main product groups are lifting and conveyor equipment, storage equipment, industrial equipment and machinery, railway technology products, metals and metal alloys, as well as technical speciality products. Furthermore, Algol Technics is also adept at performing its own industrial manufacturing and has proven expertise in a range of services, from technical planning and installation to inspection and maintenance, with much more in between. As its traditional homeland and market area, the organisation maintains a well established and highly regarded technical maintenance network in Finland.

As an illustration of the strong partnerships that the company fosters, Algol Technics Oy has worked side by side in the Finnish market with the world famous crane and port technology company Demag, and intralogistics solutions provider Dematic, for over 60 years. “They are long-standing and well integrated associations, a close relationship with the business partner is very important to create more value to the customer,” says managing director Pekka Jarvinen.

Outlining the main strengths of the company, he continues: “What we are able to do is deliver the total working concept, from the specific products and spare parts to complete turnkey systems, which are available alongside reliable maintenance. What is also important is that we are trusted because we have shown that we are in this for the foreseeable future. We get to know a customer so we can understand their strengths and their weaknesses, and by doing this we can apply our state-of-the-art products in the areas of the company where they are likely to add real value. We have very strong products and principles and have proven that we work well with the Finnish based global market leaders in a number of sectors.”

It has not gone unnoticed. In May this year it was announced that the company had secured a deal to deliver an automated warehouse for the prestigious Onninen Company’s new steel service. The new facility will house long products and the automated nature of it will significantly improve productivity and performance compared to more traditional warehouses. Incorporating racks, warehousing cassettes, high-bay stackers, collection and systems, and overhead cranes, the building will act as a showcase for the very latest and reliable technology in the sector. The awarding of the work to Algol Technics is a testament to the company’s standing within it.

The spring of 2008 was certainly a fruitful period for the business, as in April, an agreement was signed with the German port crane manufacturer, Gottwald Port Technology, covering installation and maintenance services at Finnish ports. The deal covers a wide array of after-sales services, and will see Algol Technics carrying out new installations and repairs on mobile cranes, alterations to existing cranes, and providing spare parts and technical support and maintenance. As well as the obvious advantages of increased business, it will create beneficial synergies for the company’s clients, since the organisation has specialised in special crane technologies and operating reliability services for many years previously.

The after-sales and maintenance side of Algol Technics operations is, according to Pekka, an area that will take on increased importance in the future. “It is certainly an area where we see a great deal of potential growth,” he says. “The aim is to provide solutions that guarantee end results and delivering high quality maintenance but also ensuring that the production machines will work in the long-term. We expect the sector to expand in the future so we are very active in it presently.”

It is a future that promises much for Algol Technics. Looking forward, Pekka concludes: “There are many opportunities for the company to continue its growth in Finland, particularly in the material handling and maintenance sectors. We have to continue to add value to our customers, to keep their wheels turning and develop partnerships. By doing this, the company will continue to achieve profitable growth.”

Algol Technics Oy
Services: Industrial product solutions, project delivery and maintenance
Sites: Finland
Employees: 200