Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales


Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales’ experience as a job shop helps it understand laser machine customers.

By Tim O’Connor

When buying a new piece of manufacturing equipment from a distributor, the salesperson may know the technical ins and outs of the machine, but they’ve never used it day in and day out like the customer will. They often don’t fully grasp what it is like to work with that machine over the course of an entire shift. The fact that as a distributor Alliance uses the lasers it markets in its own shop giving it a higher level of understanding and credibility when it comes to end user needs.

Instead of talking with a salesperson with a clipboard checklist, customers can work with a company that has real-world experience and can help them find the right laser for their applications. “We can relate to the customer and make accurate decisions based on what they need,” Sales and Marketing Specialist Tony Demakis says. “Our goal is for our customers to succeed and to have the technology we provide them meet all their goals.”