AMAMCO Tool has built a legacy as a custom solutions provider for more than four decades. A privately held manufacturer of machining tools, AMAMCO has expertise in cutting tools for composite materials that are uniquely specified by aerospace, automotive, marine and other industries. It serves both private and public customers, as well as Department of Defense contractors, and its presence continues to grow nationally and globally.

“We are a North American company and work directly with many domestic OEMs and their major suppliers,” Business Development Manager Andrew Gilpin says. “And we have pursued opportunities for work as it has emerged, and we now serve customers all over the world. We consider ourselves an aerospace company, as most of our tools are made for aerospace customers.”

Located in Duncan, S.C., AMAMCO Tool’s leadership team includes CEO Linda Neufeld and President Elizabeth Gilpin. The company is a specialty tool solutions provider that offers custom manufacturing of carbide cutting tools made in its 25,000 sq. ft. facility. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100C certified. It has worked with Boeing, Lockheed and other major manufacturer and defense contractors. AMAMCO continually tests its products and management systems to make sure quality standards remain high.

Deep Knowledge

AMAMCO has become a solution provider for its clients since it was founded in 1972. The company is typically called upon to provide innovation solutions that can overcome standard tool failures, reduce wear and cost, increase speeds and extend tool life. It manufactures tools that are end-user-designed and application-specific, proving its tools from prototype through testing and into production.

“We address our customer’s problems and their needs first,” Gilpin says.  “It is the customer’s need that leads us to the right application specific solution. That is why customers come to AMAMCO Tool.”

AMAMCO’s solutions allow customers to run cutting machines faster and for longer shifts. Its rotary cutting tools are made of tested, high-quality solid carbide that are suitable for high-tolerance applications. It is not a manufacturer of products that would be classified as off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all. Instead, it creates tools certified for on-the-shelf usability, working with customers to achieve the desired result.

“We focus on the cost of our solutions in relation to their performance,” Gilpin says. “If we can devise something customized that performs better and lasts longer, it lowers the overall cost of projects for our clients. Our ties to some of the companies we work with go back for more than 20 years. As a custom tool provider, we have built relationships with the customers’ engineering, R&D, production and procurement departments. We have shown that we can deliver highly customized solutions in short time periods so we are remembered as a potential supplier.”

Critical Partner

One example of AMAMCO’s capabilities is its work with material and process technology engineers for Boeing’s 787 program. AMAMCO has been involved on the program from its early development stages, becoming a key supplier of solid carbide rotary cutting tools. The tight tolerances on AMAMCO’s tools have helped Boeing and its alliance partners see an increase in tool life.

In addition, AMAMCO has served Lockheed Martin’s work on the F-35 program. Lockheed Martin saw improved quality machining results in less time while reducing its total tool cost after switching from an originally specified PCD tool to a CVD diamond coated carbide tool made by AMAMCO.

“Aerospace programs are booming now, and we expect that to continue for a number of years,” Gilpin says. “The industry is seeing the introduction of more automation and robotics, and we need to make sure we stay aware of new technology so we can continue to work with leading companies in the industry.”

All of this is indicative of AMAMCO’s work to build partnerships with clients by going beyond the cutting-edge of tool development technology.  The company is dedicated to continual improvement. Having proved itself over the past few decades, AMAMCO is today relied upon around the world for its service and manufacturing capabilities. Many companies depend on AMAMCO during the design and test phases, as well as when tools are ready for full production quantities.

To continue to innovate, AMAMCO needs a workforce that understands how to create precision cutting tools. It also needs a blend of the latest CNC machines along with the right manual and automated equipment that can meet its clients’ requirements. And it must continue to reinvent itself while staying on top of the changes taking place in its target markets.

“New programs are in development, and application-specific and custom tools are being purchased in larger quantities and more frequently,” Gilpin says. “Customers are trying to take as many steps out of their processes as possible, too. We must develop cutting tools that can meet their needs and solve their problems.”