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Amazon Filters has established a leading reputation manufacturing a comprehensive range of microfiltration filter cartridges and filter housing solutions across a wide range of industry applications that spans the globe

Operating from its base located in the Surrey town of Camberley, Amazon Filters embodies more than three decades of trustedindustry knowledge and experience in the production and global supply of microfiltration filter cartridges and filter housings. The systems Amazon Filters supply are deployed to some of the most challenging environments across multiple demanding markets thanks to its ability to respond in a quick and able manner.

Since the company was first established in 1985, Amazon Filters has continued to steadily grow while hiring experienced staff and moving into its own premises within its first three years of operation, proving that its innovative ideas, expert knowledge and ability to supply the industry are not to be questioned. Amazon Filters has developed a proud reputation for supplying one of the largest ranges of filter housings that is currently available on the market, with quality, delivery and customisation at the fore of the company’s service offering, along with its widely renowned attention to detail. An on-going programme of investment, which has allowed the company to expand its presence in terms of turnover, facilities, expert people and market share, has also supported the continued growth of the business. This has enabled Amazon Filters to establish itself as a major presence within the UK filtration market, while its association with a strong network of distribution partners has enabled the company to reach customers worldwide. In 2008 Amazon Filters purchased the business activities of the German firm L & Z Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, which led to the formation of Amazon Filters GmbH. Drawing on the tremendous synergies between the two organisations, Amazon Filters has further developed a significant and successful operation in Germany with sales links across Europe.

“We are a leading process filtration business and one of the most important factors that contributes to our success is that we manufacture both the installed hardware and provide a full range of aftermarket services, support and consumable products. While the business currently has a 70 per cent export market, we are a UK manufacturer of most of the products across our product range. We are a highly regulated company and therefore compliant across several safety standards for use within safety critical and sensitive applications, including the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets where the purity of the end product is of the highest importance,” explains Managing Director, Neil Pizzey. “We continually invest into the business and during 2016 we added a further 930 sq metres of manufacturing space to our manufacturing facility, with significant investment going into the development of a new press component facility that will make use of this new space. That work was previously undertaken externally and has now been brought in-house, which represents a repatriation of pressed parts from The Far East.”

Amazon Filters specialises in the provision of bespoke filtration solutions to clients operating within several safety-critical and demanding applications, where it maintains high levels of certification and close customer relationships in the delivery of customised filtration systems. As a result, the company is acutely aware of the high quality requirements that are placed upon its filtration solutions, as well as the unique requirements of its clients. To meet these wide-reaching needs, Amazon Filters is able to rely on a comprehensive product portfolio to offer a flexible and diverse service package as well as customised products. Most recently Amazon Filters has launched its SuperPleat Plus Ink range for use within ink applications. Working closely with customers has enabled Amazon Filters to develop products that not only remove unwanted particulates, gel and agglomerates, but also the ability to maintain a constant particle size in the ink, which promotes jetting sustainability. “We produce high quality products that can have a very significant impact on a client or its product and we therefore employ very strict controls and standards across our business, including ISO:9000, ISO:14000 and ISO Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001,” Neil says. “There are tens of thousands of permutations of product that the client can buy from us, which means that the concept of providing a fully bespoke product that focuses on the unique needs of the client, is really a core focus of our business. What the client buys from us is a solution to their fluid problem rather than just a product – we are essentially selling our expertise on how to avoid and deal with contamination problems rather than simply providing a basic filter.”

During the course of more than 30 years in operation, Amazon Filters has established a proven track record within the fluid filtration sector to clients at all levels of the market. Its solutions range from plastic filter housings found in homes and commercial buildings to much larger containerised units that serve clients including major utilities companies and that canalso be used to address emergency filtrationrequirements. This allows the business to offer a proven solution that both addresses the specific requirements of its clients, but also removes the risk of purchasing filtration systems from unproven sources. The company has enjoyed strong growth throughout its history and during the coming years will continue to draw on its proven industry experience and bespoke products to further develop its global market presence. “We have doubled the size of the business over the past six or seven years and we are now preparing ourselves for the next step, which will target another period of significant growth,” Neil concludes. “We have taken on more space to achieve this growth and will be looking for additional space in the near future, while investing in additional capability and capacity in terms of both the filter housing and cartridge parts of the business. We are building our distributor network worldwide and will continue to chase further sales and I believe that we are in a good position to do that. We believe our flexible approach combined with our accessibility and ability to understand the individual needs of our customers, allows us to meet these targets.”

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