ATAG: Specialists in High-Efficiency Boilers for Comfortable Living

Creating comfortable homes

ATAG provides a warm and pleasant environment for its customers, suppliers and employees alike, by becoming the leading specialist innovator in its core enterprise; high efficient heating boilers

ATAG specialises in developing and producing advanced boilers for homes and businesses – it promotes and delivers the key product characteristics of A-brand quality: durability, reliability, safety, optimum control, environmental friendliness, energy conservation and first class design. It has won best boiler in the Netherlands for seven years running, and has patented its heat exchange system, all of which underpins some of the latest products developed by ATAG.

During the 1980s, taking full advantage of its advanced knowledge base and scale of operation, ATAG Heating introduced a very successful generation of heating appliances focused on premium comfort throughout Europe. ATAG has developed into a company that is clearly outstanding in supplying products and services of excellent quality for customers in both the domestic and commercial sectors. It is also a company that demonstrates a considerable power to innovate, and is always looking towards the future.

At ATAG there is a focus on quality, and one of the ways that the company ensures that this is always met is through its manufacturing process, as marketing manager Jan Henk van der Wijk elaborated: “As our boilers are based on quality, they are hand built with the aid of sophisticated tools – we rely on the personal touch of our employees, a unique approach that make our products special.”

Offering an extensive range, ATAG is a leader in compact, wall hung, condensing, system and combination boilers for both the domestic and commercial markets. Its award winning central heating boiler surprises the market with its revolutionary vision in comfort. This appliance has established a long series of successes not least because of its inverted pre-mixed burner coupled with a full stainless-steel heat exchanger. The same technology goes into the ATAG Premier and the Q, E and XL series boilers giving ‘Super-High Efficiency’ through continuously variable modulation over an extremely large range, complemented by self-regulating weather dependant controls.

ATAG has utilised the experience it has built up over the course of many decades – to produce a new range that offers a large number of improvements. The details of this new product were highlighted by Jan Henk: “The name of this new range is i-Series – the development for it has been finished, and is almost ready to be introduced to customers. Although, in the UK this new boiler is already on the market, for the rest of Europe the launch date is foreseen as being October 2016. Which means that currently we are preparing the market for this new boiler. Our message is mainly built around the fact that the i-Series have near zero plastic inside. They are hand built using A-grade components made from brass and stainless steel, and this means that our boilers are kinder to the environment and it makes them far more reliable. They are even designed to last a minimum of 18 years.” The new product is an exciting prospect – it is clearly a design for the modern world, and understands the demands of the customer.

Further details and information about the i-Series were provided by Jan Henk: “The main features of the product is that it has compact dimensions (mm) h700 x w440 x d355, with the lowest NOx emissions in Europe. It also offers instantaneous hot water that is always available, while also maintaining a quiet operation – due to bottom up modulating technology. With a built-in frost protection device, and a near zero risk of condensate freezing in severe weather, and it is ErP A rated. All of which has meant that the new ATAG i-Series are compact and the most energy efficient in Europe.” Creating such an advanced machine demonstrates the prominent place that ATAG has within the industry – it is at the forefront of innovation and improvement.

While the i-Series is a major focus for the company, it has still been able to produce a large number of other high quality products, and Jan Henk discussed some of these: “Together with the new i-Series, the new intelligent controller – ATAG One – has been introduced. ATAG One is an internet connected digital programme that allows you to control the heating system remotely from a smart phone, tablet or laptop. It is possible to save a further 12 per cent on annual gas bills when fitted with an ATAG i-boiler. ATAG One operates via a free user app with no ongoing costs. The ATAG One will even remind you when your boiler service is due and also allow the engineer to assess overall performance and ongoing efficient levels.”

The company is in a great position going forward – in the coming year its brand new state-of-the-art machine will be in full flow throughout Europe, as well as the other numerous products that ATAG has to offer. The next few years already look positive, and Jan comprovided the company’s expectation for the future: “We will continue to develop intelligent, energy saving and user friendly appliances to make you feel comfortable at home at any time.” With such a positive and determined approach ATAG will no doubt be a key figure in heating homes throughout Europe for many years to come.

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