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With five industry-leading brands under its portfolio, Bibby Scientific is at the forefront of laboratory equipment around the world

Over the years, Bibby Scientific has grown to become one of the world’s largest broad based manufacturers of laboratory products, providing internationally recognised brands with reputations for product quality and high performance. Under five famous brand names, Bibby Scientific supplies an extensive range of top quality lab equipment and products, and its range of benchtop science equipment is the largest offering available on the market. The five brands comprise Stuart, Techne, Jenway, Electrothermal and PCR Max.

Stuart provides a complete range of highly specialised equipment such as blood tube rotators, colony counters, hotplates, hybridisation ovens, rockers, shakers, stirrers and water purification systems. Committed to innovation across its range of brands and products, Bibby recently launched the new SMP50 automatic melting point system under the Stuart brand. The SMP50 incorporates high-resolution video technology combined with an intelligent melt algorithm to determine the melting point of up to three samples, simultaneously and automatically. This addition can be trusted to measure sample melting points automatically, through monitoring and identifying small changes in the sample. Its accurate and reliable capabilities save valuable time and labour for scientists whilst conforming to Pharmacopeia and GLP standards.

“Stuart has been instrumental in making the automatic melting point a commonplace piece of laboratory equipment,” says Jackie Taylor, Product and Marketing Communications Manager at Bibby Scientific. “The new SMP50 is built on cutting-edge, intelligent technology that fully automates melting point measurements in a simple, compact and user-friendly unit that’s suitable for labs of all sizes.”

Other recent additions to the Stuart range include the SA6 Vortex Mixer, a robust, die cast construction vortex mixer featuring a sophisticated inbuilt counterbalance system as well as a suction cup to prevent any walking issues often associated with budget vortex mixers. The SA6’s mixing speed ranges from 2500 to 4500 rpm making it suitable for a range of applications.

Techne, meanwhile, is a world leader in the manufacture of temperature control equipment, including water baths, Dri-block heaters and molecular biology products such as hybridisation incubators and thermal cyclers. Chief amongst Techne’s most recent product launches is the revolutionary new Prime Pro 48, which offers enhanced qPCR performance, whilst maintaining ease of use for a wide range of applications. The new system offers greater accuracy and higher quality data and sets novel standards of performance, simplicity and versatility. With 400 associated qPCR detection kits, the Prime Pro 48 can cover applications spanning everything from veterinary and clinical to food and biohazard testing. The system uses an economical 48-well PCR plate, which is simple and fast to set up. Its smaller size and patented block technology also help to deliver the highest thermal uniformity of any block-based qPCR system on the market. This, combined with fast ramping means researchers are able to save money and reduce waste of precious DNA template while increasing throughput.

Jenway offers an extensive range of analytical instrumentation such as electrochemistry products, spectrophotometers, flame photometers and colorimeters. Earlier in 2016, Bibby announced the launch of two new portable pH meters, models 550 and 570, under the Jenway brand, both designed to be used in field to perform accurate measurements, thus removing the need to take samples back to the laboratory. The 550 model is a general-purpose portable meter that displays both the temperature-compensated pH readings and temperature, whilst the 570 measures pH, mV and temperature, and is completely waterproof. “Bibby Scientific is committed to providing reliable and high quality products, and these new portable pH meters will complement Jenway’s comprehensive range of application-specific electrodes and consumables,” comments Becky Underwood, Product Manager at the company.

Next up is the Electrothermal brand, market leaders in heating mantle design and manufacture. Focused predominantly on heating control systems, Electrothermal supplies a range of products including electromantels, reaction stations and histology products. One figurehead of the brand’s offering to the market is the Integrity 10 reaction station, which enables the user to conduct ten different reactions simultaneously within the same reaction unit, each reaction being conducted in its own cell, at its own individual temperature and stir rate. With a temperature range of -30°C to 150°C and a stir rate of 350rpm to 1200rpm, the highly accurate Integrity 10 has proven itself as an excellent tool for establishing ideal process conditions.

The final brand represented under the Bibby group is PCR Max, which offers a range of real time PCR instrumentation and end point thermal cyclers, along with an expanding range of lyophilised real time molecular diagnostic test kits. With nearly 20 years’ experience developing PCR systems for applications around the world, the PCR Max brand is able to serve a number of different needs with its range of Alpha, Delta, Eco, Lambda and Gamma products.

It is clear that as Bibby’s portfolio of globally leading brands grows, its values of innovation, high quality products and market-driven service will remain absolutely central to its strategy. It is these values that have provided the company with the international reputation upon which its historic success is founded and holding on to these will be just as key as it moves forward.

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