C-MAC Micro Technology

C-MAC is obsessed with micro-technology

C-MAC MicroTechnology can trace its history back over 70 years, during which time it has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of electronics for high reliability applications in a demanding range of markets: automotive, aerospace, communication, medical and industrial.

“C-MAC is a global enterprise, which employs approximately 1000 people in eight locations in Europe, North America and Asia,” comments Indro Mukerjee, C-MAC’s ambitious and highly renowned CEO. “We offer our customers specialist skills in complex semiconductor packaging, electronic system design and high-quality electronics manufacturing.

“We are able to provide solutions to the most demanding customer requirements through a broad range of technologies, and skills including expert know-how relating to the design for manufacture of very high frequency electronics, expertise in thermal management in complex electronic designs and leading technology for advanced electronic interconnection.”

This expertise enables C-MAC to offer a range of solutions in such applications areas as RF & Microwave modules, high power LED arrays, complex system in package and multichip semiconductor packaging. At its locations C-MAC has invested in a wide technology footprint, which includes chip & wire, flip chip, chip testing, thick film hybrid assembly and LTCC (Low Temperature Co- Fired Ceramics). These technologies are particularly relevant in high reliability applications, for example in the automotive industry where there is an increased distribution of electronics sensors throughout vehicles. This results in electronics having to operate at high temperature and extremes of vibration. C-MAC has been involved for a number of years designing and manufacturing electronic systems, packaging MEMS sensors and other semiconductors for this kind of demanding applications, where long term reliability is a prerequisite.

C-MAC also has a strong presence in the aerospace market where high frequency applications, such as radar, place extreme demands on signal integrity and often mean that thick film hybrid solutions on ceramic substrates are the preferred choice over conventional PCB. C-MAC MicroTechnology has many years of experience in this sector and can count involvement in programmes such as Typhoon Eurofighter amongst its achievements.

Applications in the automotive and aerospace markets demand more than complex technology, they also demand total commitment to quality and reliability of supply. With its products often found in safety critical applications, all of C-MAC’s facilities operate stringent supplier accreditations such as ISO TS 16949 or ISO 13485. C-MAC is also one of only a handful of companies outside America to achieve MIL-PRF 38534 for its facility in the UK.

Indro himself joined C-MAC at the end of 2005 and rapidly undertook a strategic review resulting in a number of changes to the company’s operations yielding a more effective approach to the products and services the company offers. “C-MAC has a superb pedigree in electronics design, development and manufacture in a wide range of application areas,” continues Indro. “An unwavering commitment to design and electronics excellence has served us very well in the past. Nonetheless it was clear to me that change was necessary to maintain this lead as we strive to expand. Key amongst the changes was restructuring into market segments. By introducing this market segment approach – focusing on automotive aerospace, medical, industrial and communications – we have engaged customers on a broader range of solutions and extended the reach of our electronics design services.”

Indro continues: “In addition to reorganising by market segment, I recognised the need to implement other changes as well. This falls into two key areas, increased research and development, and continued commitment to our employees. We are increasing our levels of investment in research & development particularly in the areas of RF/Microwave engineering and complex thermal management. This increase in research and development spend is already yielding results in our in-house developments for areas such as RF modules and high power LED arrays. It is important to me that we maintain our ability to offer a broad technology portfolio, I feel it is unique to the industry.”

He adds “The biggest challenge we face is people; many of our customers have such complex demands that it results in a large proportion of our products being bespoke and consequently co-development, or close co-operation, is essential. We regularly – and indeed our culture is all about – opening our doors for customer inspection and audit; this helps customers gain a better understanding of what we do and builds stronger relationships with them. We also send our own employees out to customers’ premises, to speak to their engineers, in order for us to gain a greater understanding of their requirements. This kind of environment demands engineers with a very high degree of competency, so we must retain, and recruit, highly skilled engineers. This is a permanent challenge and one that is not solely exclusive to C-MAC. I consider the Electronics Engineer to be the craftsman of the 21st Century, they are our lifeblood, and without them we would not be able to produce the reliable and flexible solutions CMAC is ren wned for.”

Talking about the current market opportunities open to C-MAC, Indro comments: “The market is particularly buoyant at present; we have increased optimism and feel more than adequately equipped to face the significant challenges of the future. C-MAC is today world leading in high-reliability electronic components, modules and systems, but it has the potential to be much more. We have an exciting platform for growth and we continue our strive to fulfil the company’s potential.” He concludes: “All of us at C-MAC MicroTechnology are ready and willing to help any customer with their high-reliability electronics requirements.”

C-MAC Micro Technology
Products: High performance, high reliability micro electronics
Sites: The Netherlands, Malaysia and China
Employees: 1250