Carbolite Gero

Heating up the market

Carbolite Gero is a major global manufacturer of electrically heated laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces from 300C to 30000C

It is over 80 years since the Carbolite name came into existence in 1938 in Sheffield, taking its name from the Silicon Carbide elements used to make the combustion furnaces that were sold to customers determining the sulphur content in their manufacturing fuels. Today, having strengthened its market position over the years, Carbolite Gero is a major global manufacturer of electrically heated laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces.

Carbolite Gero is known for its technical expertise and since 2012 has been a part of Verder Scientific, which is headquartered in Haan, Germany. Carbolite supplies a vast range of standard and bespoke products that have benefited from continuous improvement as over 200 scientists, academics and highly trained staff in the company’s facilities in Hope and Neuhausen (Germany) manufacture over 1000 ovens and 4000 furnaces each year with a turnover approaching £30m.

The organisation has an outstanding reputation for delivering quality products that consistently astonish customers with regards to product lifespan and their outstanding overall cost of ownership that delivers a significant return on initial investment. Ovens and furnaces to 18000C are manufactured at its Hope facility, with furnaces operating at 100 bar above that temperature to 30000C built by a specialist team in Germany.

The Product Management Team at Carbolite Gero continues to expand as sales increase and as organisations around the world turn to the company for bespoke solutions – whether that be a modified atmosphere furnace for those involved in 3D Additive Manufacturing or for chemists and organisations working on anode and cathode materials for the latest battery technology.

Of course, its historical expertise manufacturing coal and coke testing solutions, furnaces for the precious metals sector and ash fusibility furnaces for sample testing traditional / biomass fuels also sets the business apart from run of the mill oven and furnace manufacturers who concentrate on providing generic solutions.

The last 12 months have witnessed an increase in the number of bespoke ovens and furnaces manufactured in Hope. Customers involved in 3D metal printing, battery technology and the aerospace sector with a requirement for AMS270E compliant solutions have all commissioned unique one-off solutions. The company is also close to achieving UKAS Calibration Laboratory Accreditation.

In early 2019, Carbolite Gero introduced its new CC-T1 touch-screen controller. This temperature controller delivered a much more user-friendly and intuitive interface that significantly reduces programming times particularly for those who only programme on an ad-hoc basis.

Throughout the last year the company has also been working to totally redesign its range of tube furnaces to ensure they use less power; have even greater levels of temperature uniformity and optimised refractory insulation to substantially reduce operating costs. These new tube furnaces will launch in the next month and Carbolite Gero’s attention will then turn to the redesign of its standard chamber furnace ranges that are found in laboratories, test facilities and companies around the world.

The organisation’s manufacturing facility has seen substantial investment in the last three years including a robot cutting arm at its insulation manufacturing facility in Tideswell, which has not only reduced production times but has also improved accuracy and delivered a cleaner manufacturing environment that benefits all staff on the factory floor.

Throughout its history, Carbolite Gero has remained a proud contributor to the Derbyshire and Sheffield manufacturing communities. Located in the Peak District it has easy access to both the Sheffield City Region, South & West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and the North West.