Celebrating a legacy of innovation: Morey Corporation at 90 years 

As Morey Corporation marks its 90th anniversary, President Ryne DeBoer reflects on the company’s enduring legacy and its future in an increasingly connected world. From its humble beginnings in switchboard technology and radio test sets during World War II, Morey has evolved into a formidable force in electronics contract manufacturing, embracing the future through relentless innovation and adherence to its core values of integrity and collaboration. 

A tradition of innovation and excellence

Founded in 1934 by William Morey in his basement, the company has thrived amidst industry turbulence, continually adapting to the changing technological landscape. “Morey is focused on continuing its future through new technology, capitalizing on the shift towards Software Defined Vehicles and enabling the new way data, machines, and applications converge,” says DeBoer, drawing parallels between the evolution from flip phones to smartphones and Morey’s own journey through every wave of wireless technology since the 1930s. 

The company’s significant role extends beyond its historical contributions to include substantial engagements with global brands, notably serving one of the world’s largest construction manufacturers across multiple generations of products and delivering hundreds of thousands of units. “Our history of innovation includes being at the forefront from FM radio technology for the World War Two effort through to the telecom boom, original satellite tracking, and communication in the mid-’90s, and now to M2M, IoT, and telematics,” DeBoer explains. 

Slap-N-Track: setting new standards in asset tracking 

To address current industry needs, Morey recently launched the Slap-N-Track. A robust asset-tracking system designed specifically for the commercial vehicle rental industry. This innovative product offers rugged durability, long-lasting battery life, and intuitive simplicity, making it a crucial solution for asset management. 

“We’ve tackled significant challenges to create Slap-N-Track, designing it to withstand extreme conditions while ensuring it remains user-friendly and highly configurable,” DeBoer notes. The device features industrial-strength magnets for quick attachment, Over-The-Air configuration capabilities, and rugged IP69K certification, embodying Morey’s commitment to delivering reliable and adaptable technology solutions. 

NgX: the next generation telematics platform 

Looking towards the future, Morey is pioneering with its NgX program, dubbed ‘The Next Generation Telematics Platform.’ This platform is a game-changer in the IoT space, offering enhanced scalability, security, and customization. “NgX represents a transformative approach, integrating multiple functionalities into a robust platform capable of serving diverse industries,” says DeBoer. The program aims to reduce cloud dependency with efficient on-site data processing and supports extensive customization with an open Linux-based software architecture. 

Balancing innovation with tradition 

DeBoer emphasizes the importance of staying power and adaptability when asked about balancing aggressive growth with ongoing innovation. “Being a 90-year-old company, reinvention is core to our DNA. We also rely on strong partnerships that help us focus on investing in the right areas,” he remarks. The recent stabilization of the supply chain has allowed Morey to experience remarkable growth, setting the stage for continued leadership in technology and manufacturing. 


As Morey Corporation looks forward to the next decade, it remains driven by a heritage of innovation and a clear vision for the future. Under Ryne DeBoer’s leadership, the company is poised to redefine the landscape of commercial vehicle technology and IoT, continuing to turn complex challenges into efficient, practical solutions. This is not just about maintaining a legacy; it’s about expanding it and ensuring that Morey remains at the cutting edge of technology and a trusted partner in an ever-evolving industry.