CFS performs perfectly

Formed in 1997, CFS designs and manufactures bespoke food industry products with software solutions and, in addition, provides technical backup.

It specialises in performance-focused solutions for the food industry, from single machine or packaging material to a complete production line for preparation, marination, processing, slicing and packaging of primary meat, poultry, fish, seafood and cheese based products. The company chooses to focus on assembly so it subcontracts most of the manufacturing process.

CFS was formed after a management buy-out of the Convenience Food Division of Tetra Laval as its new owners recognised the growth potentia solutions for the food industry, and CFS’ strategy remains to grow by increasing its global presence. It’s in the process of moving its focus from single machines and packaging materials to complete solutions, adding clear value to its customers’ products, and has recently completed a consolidation phase that involved the closure of a plant in Denmark.

The organisation’s products and services focus primarily on the treatment of meat, poultry, seafood and cheese based products, although its competencies have also developed into areas such as pasta, vegetables and special solutions for technical packaging. The food industry is characterised by increasingly demanding consumers who, in highly developed markets, require progressively more easy meal solutions, smaller portions, convenient packaging, fresh distribution and safe products. In emerging markets, the trend is moving towards a growing fast food industry, the modernisation of retail and frozen distribution.

CFS plays an active role in influencing future trends by focusing its R&D activity on future possibilities and by developing modern, innovative solutions. It works closely with customers to develop new food and packaging products that are commercially viable in customers’ specific markets. CFS carefully co-operates to define each customer’s needs so it can develop specific solutions, and then once solutions are installed, the company benchmarks the production with a consistent focus on performance.

Additionally, CFS provides training for customers from inception to installation and central to its operation is its concept of lifecycle performance, which means its solutions will increase its customer’s performance in the present and over time. The company has aligned its entire business to deliver lifecycle performance as a holistic approach to managing the variables that contribute to the final outcome. From enabling product innovation and improving output to reducing operating costs, CFS’ lifecycle performance ideology ensures long-term results and growth by focusing on all factors that contribute to performance from start to finish.

CFS operates according to several key values that are fundamental in driving the company. It is pro-active in anticipating future needs and acting accordingly so that customers are assured the company is always leading market trends, rather than following. Besides designing its machines to comply with the highest standards of hygiene, CFS designs with a view to encompassing future improvements. For example, the project team developing the new CFS PowerPakNT generated several design enhancements that managed to reduce cost and cleaning times whilst improving operator friendliness for the customer during the lifecycle of the machine. It has also set new innovative standards for outsourcing, assembly and engineering that simplify internal processes.

As a successor to the profitable Powerpak thermoformer, the PowerPakNT is a completely redesigned machine concept created to meet the current and future demands of the food industry and achieve high standards in performance, cost efficiency, flexibility and hygiene. It is the first CFS machine to be designed consistently according to the principles of the CFS lifecycle performance approach and the entire machine consists of functional modules that can be combined according to specific demands. The PowerPakNT allows customers the option of retooling and upgrading the machine in the future so there is no commitment to a permanent design. Essentially, the new model offers investment security that cannot be matched by any other thermoformer on the market. In the machine concept, CFS has optimised all workflows to reduce downtimes and managed to attain an impressive technical machine availability of up to 99 per cent.

CFS machines are some of the most advanced, high quality food processing and packaging equipment and materials on the market. All equipment is backed by the world’s most comprehensive support service in order to deliver optimum performance every day of the machine’s working life. The company offers a 24-hour service network providing total technical support for on-site maintenance and emergency repairs and a comprehensive spare parts inventory ensuring excellent availability and global aroundthe- clock support from all divisions, alongside a high quality reconditioning, refurbishment and repair programme.

In the future, CFS will remain results oriented and continue to excel in every aspect of its activity by boasting the best solutions for delivering value to all stakeholders. The company‘s ability to meet any request and its promise to support solutions throughout their entire lifecycle places the company firmly ahead of its competitors.


Products: Bespoke food industry products with software solutions
Sites: The Netherlands
Employees: 2200