Chassix: Elevating Automotive Chassis Manufacturing to Unprecedented Strengths

When it comes to vehicle chassis, there’s no such thing as strong enough. Automakers want to be confident that the chassis they build their vehicles on have been built with the strongest possible materials and methods to ensure the highest quality and durability. That’s why automakers around the world have come to trust Michigan-based Chassix to provide them with a full slate of chassis casting and machining solutions for virtually all of their needs.

The company as it exists today came into being in 2012, but its roots go much deeper. Chassix is the result of the integration of two leaders in the automotive casting and machining space – Diversified Machine Inc. and SMW Automotive LLC. The two companies had been serving the automotive OEM market in North America and elsewhere since 1996, and the joining of their resources and expertise created something much stronger than the sum of its parts, according to the company. “We are now the industry’s largest single integrated resource for high-quality, precision casting and machining solutions with manufacturing capabilities in every key region of the world,” the company says.

“Our name reflects the high-quality automotive chassis components on which DMI and SMW built their reputations,” the company continues. “The ‘x’ signifies the increased strengths and services we offer as a result of the integration of two industry leaders becoming one and our emphasis on exceeding the expectations of our customers.”

Today, Chassix continues to evolve with the market to become even stronger than before. As the company grows, it says it looks forward to utilizing its global footprint to serve a larger segment of the market than before. “We provide high-quality design, engineering, machining and assembly of aluminum and ductile iron castings. Leveraging regional production in North America, South America, Europe and China, Chassix is able to respond quickly and cost-effectively to automakers’ casting and machining needs around the world,” the company says.

Full Service
Where Chassix stands apart from its competitors in the chassis casting and machining space is in the depth and breadth of its services. Not only does the company have a truly global presence with its multiple manufacturing centers around the world, but it also boasts one of the most complete and diverse arrays of services in the marketplace. The company says it is one of the only suppliers in the industry to provide full-service, in-house solutions including in-house testing, analysis and repair, and black box design capabilities.

“A full-service provider of precision chassis casting and machining solutions, Chassix features a fully integrated, single-source structure that allows us to react and adapt quickly to the unique needs of our customers,” the company says. “We offer 24-hour design, in-house testing, analysis and repair, and black-box design capabilities, which allow us to provide unmatched responsiveness and dependability to customers around the globe. With 25 strategically located facilities in nine countries, we have capabilities on the ground wherever our customers need us.”

For example, the company’s design and engineering capabilities include some of the latest and most sophisticated technology, including the AutoCAD and EdgeCAM platforms. “Chassix offers a robust portfolio of design and engineering and manufacturing capabilities to optimize and streamline the design-to-launch process,” the company says.

Chassix’s manufacturing processes have been refined over more than 20 years, and the company says its manufacturing capabilities put it in elite company when it comes to machining and assembling. Its manufacturing processes and facilities feature robotic systems, automated machining and assembly cells, dedicated and flexible transfer lines, CNC machining centers and lathes, vision systems, and cylindrical and creep-feed grinding.

Code of Conduct

Beyond the physical capabilities of its people and facilities, however, Chassix emphasizes that its adherence to a core of strong corporate values is no less important for its continued success. “Chassix realizes the importance of our Code of Conduct, as the company is built upon a foundation of strong corporate values and business practices,” the company says. “This code describes in detail the importance of how we operate in a legal and ethically responsible manner, and how we are committed to serving our customers and employing individuals with personal standards consistent with that of Chassix standards.”

These standards not only apply to the quality of the work Chassix does worldwide, but also the care with which is does that work. “Producing high-quality products is of the utmost importance at Chassix and our ability to do so is a primary factor in maintaining our leading market position,” the company says. “Our goal is, and always has been, zero-defect production; we invest a large amount of time and resources in ensuring that our team is able to identify nonconformances and prevent them from occurring.”