Custom Mold & Design

Custom Mold and Design pic 2Custom Mold & Design’s manufacturing and design capabilities make it a preferred partner to its customers.
By Jim Harris

Custom Mold & Design is committed to providing its customers with the highest-quality molds and machined components. For the Forest Lake, Minn.-based company, this commitment begins long before starting the fabrication process. “We are second to none in our ability to provide design for manufacturability assistance,” Vice President of Sales Thomas Caron says. “We design tooling where manufacturability and performance are of paramount importance. From the machined component side of things, we work with our customers to provide optimized part design support in an effort to reduce the costs to produce and increase part performance.”

The company is frequently involved in designing customer molds when the part is still at the “napkin-sketch level,” Early design involvement is where the most money can be saved. “We are experts in building molds that perform well, because we control all of the technologies used to produce them,” he adds. “Technologically, we are a very vertically integrated company.”