Data integration promised for under-pressure manufacturers

UiPath will bring data integration to the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud. Will it impact your business?

For those unaware, UiPath is a leading enterprise automation software company. It aims to up-level data integration and knowledge work, allowing companies to work more creatively and strategically.

UiPath recently made headlines for a new product launch. We’re here to break it down for you.

Last month, the company announced the release of its UiPath Business Automation Platform – a pre-built solution for Snowflake.

Snowflake is a data cloud company. Its Manufacturing Data Cloud enables companies in automotive, technology, energy, and industrial sectors to unlock and utilize critical siloed data.

UiPath’s new solution will enable joint customers to design and build workflows based on 360-degree views of trusted and accessible data within Snowflake’s pre-existing platform. This reacts to wider industry issues, representing the need for automated data and business processes.

“Our continued partnership with UiPath will help the manufacturing industry embrace the increasingly digital-industrial world,” said Tim Long, Global Head of Manufacturing at Snowflake.

“Manufacturing data has no size limit and as demand for automation on this data increases, partnerships with organizations such as UiPath, help Snowflake serve our joint customers globally and support our mission of mobilizing the world’s data.”