Despatch Industries

With more than a century of experience, Despatch Industries continues to be the leading thermal processing company that specializes in clean technology. The Lakeville, Minn.-based firm services some of the world’s most sophisticated industries, including sectors that manufacture photovoltaic/solar panels, carbon fiber materials, medical devices and electronic components.

The company’s success is based on innovation instead of repetition, it states. “The philosophy we stand by is to provide process advancements for superior optimization, tighter temperature tolerances, higher yields and consistent results,” Despatch ex­plains. Although innovation takes the front seat in the company, nothing is possible without the help of its talented employees, Chairman and CEO Patrick Peyton notes.

“The employee base at Despatch is the greatest asset the company has,” he asserts. “The knowledge of our employees and their innovative spirit keep Despatch at the forefront of the technological opportunities that we see around the world.”

Despatch employs approximately 300 people worldwide. A majority of its work force has been with the company for more than 20 years. “That long-term legacy, as well as pride and ownership, is a huge advantage that our competitors don’t have,” Peyton states. “It all stems from our entrepreneurial spirit – the willingness to take on every critical thermal challenge and not be afraid to be innovative in solving our customers’ most demanding thermal challenges.”

Continuous improvement is present throughout Despatch, and its customers recognize the company’s efforts, Peyton notes. “We try to create an environment at Despatch where innovation can flow freely and our customers keep coming back to us because [of it],” he states.

For example, because of the company’s leading market share in the solar equipment sector, customers rely on Despatch Industries for up and coming technology.

“Customers expect more from industry leaders,” Peyton says. “They know Despatch will be first in the market with the latest technology and it is our obligation to them to be at the forefront.”

The same goes for its other markets in the carbon fiber and thermal industries, Peyton adds. “No one disputes that Despatch has the leading carbon fiber oxidation technology in the world,” he continues. “Customers come back to us because their end-users’ demand the highest-quality fiber. In the thermal market, our loyal clients come to us with the most challenging technical issues because they know we can provide the tools they are looking for. Many of these customers have been with us for 40-plus years.”