Empowering Global Healthcare: DHG’s Innovative Solutions for Mobility and Independence

Moving healthcare forward

With its cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading brands, DHG provides vital services to patients across the world

As a globally leading healthcare brand, Direct Healthcare Group, now DHG, is known for providing reliable, top-of-the-range solutions to patients struggling with limited mobility. The company uses innovative and proven methods to enhance the reliability and accessibility of at-home healthcare options. Today, the company continues to support patients all across the nation, as it undergoes a rebrand that reflects its newly extended global presence.

DHG was founded on a single mission – to advance the health of patients whose movement has been affected by injury or illness. The company specializes in medical devices and equipment specifically designed for this purpose, and is a trusted partner for hundreds of healthcare providers across the UK. With a product portfolio that makes effective use of the latest healthcare technology, it comes as no surprise that DHG is known for reliably providing patients with the best possible recovery times and outcomes, as well as an increased level of independence.

Since being founded in 2009, DHG has consistently made waves in the private and public healthcare markets. The company was named the 17th fastest growing business in the UK in 2013, just four years after being established. It soon went on to open its Asia Pacific Office in Perth, Australia, setting DHG up to become a global brand.

In 2014, DHG won an Investors in People Award, and was recognized by Medi Wales for its Dyna-Form Static Air HZ mattress, a revolutionary piece of technology that reduces pressure on heel and foot injuries. From here the company began establishing a number of high-profile partnerships with innovators in the healthcare sector; one such partner is the Welsh Wound Innovation Centre, with which DHG partnered in late 2014.

Collaborating with healthcare providers is one of the ways that DHG ensures the reliability and effectiveness of its products. As the company website asserts: “We strive to constantly support our healthcare partners, and the people whose healthcare needs they serve, working to keep improving the vital connections between movement and health, enabling accelerated recovery and healthy independence in daily living.

“At DHG, we are passionate about working in close collaboration with healthcare professionals to enhance outcomes, lower the cost of healthcare, deliver efficiencies, and expand access to our solutions.”

These strong working relationships have helped catalyze the company’s success throughout its history. As it continued to grow and evolve, bolstered by its many healthcare partners, DHG was recognized for a number of awards. This includes the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2016, and the Investors in People Gold Award, in 2017.

These achievements would not be possible without DHG’s extended brand portfolio, within which numerous teams specialize in different healthcare applications. The company offers specialist services in pressure ulcer prevention and care, safe movement, and chronic wound treatments, to name a few.

Patients suffering from pressure ulcers can access relief easily through DHG’s website, which offers a comprehensive selection of award-winning products that are proven to reduce discomfort and overall symptoms. Using its decade’s worth of experience in the provision of clinically proven, cost-effective solutions, DHG can support its customers with a combination of pressure care technologies, designed in partnership with leading clinicians and healthcare providers. These solutions come in the form of medically enhanced mattresses, cushions and overlays.

DHG also offers a depth of knowledge when it comes to supporting patients with limited mobility. The company’s SystemRoMedic range has been vital to the development of safe movement and handling technologies. These support systems not only reduce symptoms, but offer patients a renewed sense of independence, and freedom of movement.

Amongst the most popular products on offer is the DHG manual transfer aid, which enables safer working ergonomics for carers and clinical effectiveness for patients. The SystemRoMedic is continually being developed by a team of highly-experienced and well-trained handlers, who can assess the most appropriate handling, movement and specialist seating options for each individual customer.

Always seeking to innovate in new areas, DHG has recently made major strides in the development of specialist therapies. The company’s Negative Pressure Wound Therapy system is intuitive, simple-to-use and cost effective, offering accelerated healing to chronic wound sufferers across the world.

The company has also sought to tackle the life-threatening problem of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE), a condition that makes patients more susceptible to deep vein thrombosis and heart attacks. DHG hopes to reduce the likelihood of VTE through the use of its Intermittent Pneumatic Compression system, a cutting-edge piece of technology that actually works to reduce the likelihood of pulmonary embolism through regular pressurized therapy sessions. The applicability and ease-of-use offered by DHG’s system makes it an industry leader for heart health applications.

Many of DHG’s services and products are aimed toward the general improvement of patient’s quality of life, as well as the reduction of specific symptoms. The company has done innovative work in the bathroom safety category since its inception, under the Linido bathroom safety brand.

Linido’s bathroom safety solutions are recognized for providing increased independence, safety and comfort to patients with reduced mobility. The brand focusses on ergonomic aids that offer practical support, meaning that each product is designed with safety, accessibility and aesthetics in mind. The devices fit seamlessly with both at-home bathrooms and hospital facilities, ensuring a diversity and ease of application. Like all DHG products, the Linido bathroom additions are rigorously tested, to ensure patients are able to use them effectively and safely.

In the hopes of making its services readily available to all customers, DHG has pioneered a rental service through its brand, Nightingale. With over 20 years’ of experience, Nightingale provides ad-hoc or contracted rental and serving solutions to patients on an operational budget. The service is available 24/7/365, and includes a variety of safe moving and handling equipment, as well as seating and bariatric care equipment. The care centers are also ISO 13485 accredited and equipped with highly-skilled technical support teams, to ensure a safe and effective service is offered to customers across the board.

Over the last 18 months, DHG has undergone significant changes. Having evolved to support the care of more patients than ever before, the company has taken on new geographies and expanded its team in a variety of areas. As a result, it has rebranded, officially becoming DHG in January 2022. The new name is designed to be universally recognized, as a reflection of the company’s truly global presence.

Every DHG product, be it a therapy system or mobility aid, is designed to restore patient’s sense of autonomy and comfort in their own body. The company has made dozens of industry-leading innovations with this mission in mind, and will no doubt make many more, as it grows into new markets and territories.

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