Discover Godfrey Pontoon Boats and Hurricane Boats: two boating brands that promise freedom, fun, power, and possibilities

Godfrey Marine is a registered trademark of Highwater Marine, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries Inc. The company designs, engineers, manufactures, and markets a full offering of pontoon, deck and sport boats. Its industry-leading brands, Godfrey Pontoon Boats and Hurricane Boats, are renowned for their quality and innovation throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. 

For more than half a century, Godfrey Pontoon Boats have been built to bring family and friends closer together to create memories that will live on for

friends enjoying the ocean on a hurricane deck boat
Adventure Studios – John Linn 2023

generations. Built with enduring quality and superior craftsmanship, the pontoon boats are built to last and engineered to stand the test of time. Over 60 years ago, the company pioneered the world’s first all-aluminum pontoon boat, Sanpan, introducing the model at the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1958. This passion for continuous innovation has never slowed. As a recognized leader in quality, innovation and styling, Godfrey Pontoon Boats continues to set the standard for design, construction, and innovation. In fact, Godfrey pioneered many of the systems that have become industry standards. With a relentless pursuit to improve the boating experience, Godfrey’s boats are constructed to last for as long as the memories they help to create.

The company doesn’t simply set the standard for style, quality, comfort, and performance; Godfrey consistently looks for ways to exceed its own boundaries and redefine the category. Every weld, every fastener, and every stitch matter as craftmanship is of the utmost importance. Godfrey Pontoon Boats are built with an intuitive design and uncompromising quality. Eclipsing traditional designs and expectations, the company is committed to world-class quality that, most importantly, facilitates quality time spent with others. 

A pontoon boat is flattish and relies on floats to remain buoyant. Their reserve buoyancy enables designers to create large deck plans fitted with a variety of accommodations including expansive lounge areas, stand-up bars, and sun pads. Primarily designed for freshwater use, their spacious decks make them ideal for socializing or enjoying activities like waterskiing and fishing. For a fun and spacious boat, a pontoon could be the perfect fit for any family. Godfrey Pontoon Boats gives boaters everything they want and need to maximize their time on the water, offering multiple arch and tow options. All of them are customizable to fit each boater’s individual needs, depending on the desired activity. Whether out on the water tubing, wakeboarding, skiing or relaxing, Godfrey’s pontoons are customizable to suit all lifestyles. 

With an impressive line-up for performance and luxury on the water, Godfrey Pontoon Boats are available in a range of series and models. From exploring color choices to customizing features, Godfrey boasts visualizer and build-and price-tools to help customers make the right choice. The company sells direct to an extensive dealer network and potential purchasers liaise with their local boating dealer to secure their choice. Customers can choose from a selection of models within the XP, Sanpan, AquaPatio, Monaco, Sweetwater, Xperience, and Mighty G series. Alternatively, designed for the ultimate experience in boating luxury, the XP series offers cutting-edge standards, top of the line premium finishes and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. From the spacious bow lounge seating to the stylish design, this boat is built to impress. 

hurricane deck boat speeding across the ocean
Adventure Studios – John Linn 2023

Whatever the vessel of choice, the driving force behind Godfrey’s success has been its commitment to bringing together the best designers, engineers, and craftspeople to create superior products that combine exhilarating performance with increased stability and safety. 

Manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana for over 45-years, Hurricane Boats is an equally impressive brand in the Polaris portfolio. The company didn’t just invent fun on the water but likes to think it perfected it. An obsession for boating adventure fuels Hurricane Boats to design and build the most versatile and capable boats in the world, making it unrelenting in its pursuit to continually improve upon its legendary deck boat design. 

As the name implies, deck boats are vessels that have been designed with large decks. The bow is bigger than it would be on many other types of boats, and this additional space makes room for plenty of seating and an open floor area. 

Hurricane Boats are built with quality, top-of-the-line materials that are engineered using industry-leading manufacturing techniques for safety, reliability, and peace of mind. Owners are always impressed with the high-quality fit and finish of their boats. That’s why Hurricane Boats is the best-selling deck boat brand on the water today. 

Deck boats have carved out a loyal following and are prized for their spacious interiors and versatile designs. Hurricane Boats’ SunDeck and SunDeck Sport models are shining examples. The SunDeck is the quintessential deck boat design and can be customized to match almost any boating passion. Whereas, the SunDeck Sport, while faithful to its roots, with an expansive deck layout, has incredible maneuverability for a thrilling driving experience. 

With Hurricane, owners enjoy the enviable combination of unmatched versatility and powerful performance. Its exclusive, shallow-draft hull design delivers gravity-defying stability, instinctive and instant control, quick-to-plane acceleration, and nimble performance that is equally at home conquering big water, exploring uncharted shallows or fueling a day of watersports fun. The brand didn’t just pioneer the deck boat design, it perfected it. The reverse chine design and strategically located lifting strakes enable Hurricane boats to achieve near-instantaneous plane while delivering the smoothest and driest ride around. 

Whether a pontoon or deck design, both brands’ signature performance, infinite capabilities, and versatility for every boating passion, enable owners to fuel their freedom on the water.