Discover how Allsee Technologies’ revolutionizes digital signage and redefines art display

Allsee Technologies (Allsee) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing in LCD and LED digital signage displays and touch screens for the commercial market. Leveraging its factory in China for manufacture, Allsee distributes its products internationally to Europe, Africa, China, and the US. Thanks to a vast network of partners, the company is empowered to supply its digital signage solutions and services to diverse end users spanning countless industries. Allsee’s range of advertising displays, touch screens, freestanding digital posters and outdoor digital signage is utilized in various public environments including retail, restaurants (as digital menu boards), hotels, schools, hospitals, corporate environments, and more. Baoli Zhao, Founder and Managing Director, fills us in on Allsee’s endeavors over the past year. 

“I am particularly proud of our performance in 2023, considering that many in our industries saw their revenue decrease or stagnate over the last year. One significant accomplishment involves a sizeable project with a tobacco company, whose name can’t be disclosed as of yet. Using our unique technology, this company had previously advertised its products across 2500 Tesco stores in the UK. As our collaboration proved very successful, we are currently involved in implementing this same idea across Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s stores. Additionally, Allsee has invested around £20 million in land to build its new office in December, which is awaiting planning permission and will likely happen by the end of May. Upon approval, we will begin constructing our new office which will provide us with ample room at least for the next five-to-ten years. Regarding the year ahead, we are poised to maintain our momentum as we have already secured another substantial project, thus guaranteeing our growth throughout the year,” he begins. 

The construction of the new office building is highly anticipated at Allsee. Baoli elaborates on how this investment will contribute to the company’s growth. “As Allsee expands, upgrading our office space to accommodate all our talent is vital. Our hardware and technology is not easy to design, thus, our product managers, software and hardware developers are our core asset. However, these teams are always working behind the curtain and don’t often engage with customers as they are busy coding. Moving forward, we strive to make our managers and developers more available to speak directly with our customers, offering their help and sharing their specialized knowledge. The only problem is that excluding our workshop, our current office can only accommodate circa 50 individuals. To effectively have our developers work in the front end of the business, we need to at least triple our capacity. This is where the new office will come in, as it will provide enough sitting space for 150 people. Aside from that, having a bigger office is becoming a necessity for us as we are managing more and more employees and working for an ever-increasing customer base. To continue handling these projects in a timely manner, we need much larger workshops and warehouse facilities,” he elaborates.

Baoli goes on to expand on Allsee’s Textura digital canvases, which feature advanced texture-accurate display technology that enhances the details of artwork. “Lately, our attention has been redirected to our subsidiary, Vieunite. Pioneering our unique Textura technology, Vieunite specializes in digital art canvases different from classic computer or television screen. Our products boast a special display designed to showcase any artwork with a stunning matte finish. Developed for two distinct markets, our digital art canvases cater to both home and public use. Through partnerships with several art galleries, Vieunite empowers customers to display their favorite artwork within their homes on one of our digital art canvases. Our Textura technology, launched at the end of April, is tailored for use in public places such as Costa Coffee, Hilton hotels, and even hospitals. Allsee collaborates not only with numerous artists, but also with the National Galleries of Scotland to feature all sorts of artwork, including photography and painting, on our groundbreaking digital canvases,” he informs. 

As the interview nears its end, Baoli reflects on his vision for the future of Allsee. “This year will be all about launching more products. We already have a few innovations which are ready for release, although I cannot discuss all of them in detail for the moment. I can safely say though that one of them leverages LED and touch screen displays technology. Additionally, a renewed focus on research and development is a crucial piece of the puzzle because without that, we cannot possibly ensure steady growth over the next three-to-five years. Most importantly, our main priority, which we will be spending a lot of time and resources on, will be Vieunite’s digital art canvases. Indeed, we have already spent over two years developing the appropriate hardware and software. With that successfully accomplished, our focus now shifts to marketing these products to bolster our sales. Allsee is particularly eager to see Vieunite thrive even further,” he states. 

By upholding its dedication to innovation and driving customer engagement, Allsee is perfectly equipped to solidify its leadership in the field of commercial digital displays while exploring new artistic frontiers through Vieunite’s game-changing Textura technology. Allsee is poised for continued success in connecting communities internationally through breathtaking digital artwork and signage.