Discover how Integrity Communications Group transformed its operations and conquered new markets 

Originally established as a forms manufacturing business specializing in high-volume printing for banks, Integrity Communications Group Ltd (ICG) has undergone a remarkable transformation since its acquisition by current CEO Mark Cornford in 2008. The company, formerly known as MCAARP Holdings, the parent company of Integrity Print Ltd, recently rebranded as ICG in October 2023. Throughout its existence, ICG has fostered enduring business relationships that have spanned an impressive 40-to-50 years with various companies. While continuing to provide critical business print for traditional customers, ICG has strategically positioned itself for growth by placing a strong emphasis on both the thriving labels sector and the customer communications market. The Group also has a market-leading presence in the printing of high security documents. The company presently offers a wide range of services, encompassing business print, labels, security print, and mailing services. Andrew Law, Sales and Marketing Director, recounts the events that led to the rebranding of ICG.

“In 2008, Mark, our owner and CEO, along with two business partners, established MCAARP Holdings to facilitate a management buyout (MBO) of Bath Business Forms from Communisis PLC. Following the completion of the MBO, the company was rebranded as Integrity Print Ltd, while MCAARP Holdings continued to function as the parent company. Since the MBO, multiple business acquisitions have taken place. These include A1 Security Print, which operates as a separate limited company, as well as Topflite Labels, Alliance Labels, Orion Security Print, GPS Document Management, Membership Plus, Parking and Secure Documents, Tripartum, and Labels Plus. These acquired companies now function as trading divisions under Integrity Print.

“MCAARP Holdings was not a recognized or familiar name in the market. With Mark’s original partners having retired from the business, the opportunity arose to rename the parent company and establish brand recognition for the broader range of services offered by the group. Although Integrity Print has established a strong name and brand within its specific market sector, the traditional business forms that were once its main focus now represent but a small portion of the services we provide our clients. The name change serves to enhance the market perception of our businesses and is part of our strategy to effectively promote the wider group to new clients. In line with this rebranding effort, a new group website will soon be launched to showcase the extensive capabilities and offerings of ICG. While it is still too early to assess the reception of the rebrand, key stakeholders and staff have responded positively to the changes,” he says.

Significant initiatives
Andrew anticipates that the successful rebranding of ICG will yield further positive transformations. “In 2008, Integrity Print was a business forms printer with a turnover of £60 million. However, by 2024, the print division of ICG is projected to contribute £16 million to the Group’s overall turnover of £66 million. This significant shift in demand stems from the obsolescence of many traditional products, such as listing paper, NCR sets, and paper invoices, driven by advancements in technology. To ensure continued success, ICG has pursued diversification through a combination of acquisitions and investments. Presently, the group consists of four divisions: print, customer communications, labels, and security print. The print division produces traditional business forms while also diversifying into high-volume leaflets, door drops, paper wraps, and direct mail. Meanwhile, the customer communications division is responsible for sales, consultancy, and production of multi-channel communications across various market sectors, supporting clients in both digital transformation and traditional mailing work. This division possesses significant potential for market share growth. Also demonstrating strong potential for market share expansion, our labels division specializes in both high-volume label manufacturing, and short run bespoke digital output, catering to sectors such as healthcare, logistics, and food and beverage. Our security print division is comprised of two companies. Both offer high security print and data communications solutions to combat fraud and prevent counterfeiting of critical documents. The security division trades strongly in the UK and exports to over 30 countries worldwide. Since its formation, all three new divisions have consistently delivered profitable year-on-year growth, allowing ICG to navigate the substantial decline in traditional print markets. The continued support from Investec, the original funder of the MBO, has facilitated acquisitions and investments necessary to adapt to the technology-driven changes in the communications market,” he elaborates.

Andrew goes on to discuss ICG’s ongoing and upcoming endeavors. “One significant initiative underway is our Carbon Net Zero project, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. We are also developing the Clarity Portal, a comprehensive suite of software-driven business tools. This portal will provide our customers with access to solutions for resolving business challenges, enhancing efficiency, increasing transparency, and facilitating digital transformation. Our focus is on integrating our existing technologies, such as our hybrid mail system, document archiving, virtual post room, web2Print, and content management systems, into user-friendly and accessible platforms. Furthermore, we are in the final stages of completing the new ICG website. This website will serve as a centralized platform, bringing together all our business services in one place for the first time, providing a comprehensive overview for our clients,” he adds.

ICG has undergone a continuous transformation, expanding its services beyond high-volume print to encompass a diverse range of offerings. Through investment and seamless integration, the rebranded group is poised to continue advancing solutions and client opportunities across dynamic industries.