Discover how MoistTech Corp is transforming manufacturing processes with innovative technology 

As a leading provider of robust, reliable, and dependable near-infrared (NIR) moisture measurement and control technology, MoistTech Corp (MoistTech) is a key partner to numerous manufacturers. With a range of on-line sensors and at-line instruments for real-time moisture measurement and process control, the business offers instant process optimization.  

MoistTech’s sensors can measure and control moisture content in almost any material, which then send digital or analog signals to allow for software control in theNon-Contact Infra-Red Sensors manufacturing process. Since its foundation in 1975, the company has grown a strong reputation for accuracy and dependability. Its sensors require a one-time calibration, for instance, meaning a customer can receive reliable readings with zero maintenance.  

Manufacturing Today last spoke with MoistTech around one year ago, so we’re keen to catch up with Sarah Hammond, MoistTech’s Marketing Manager, about the company’s latest developments. “NIR technology has both performance and accuracy benefits over competing technologies currently being used to measure moisture content, and our units also boast the ability to store up to 50 different product codes within the sensor,” Sarah opens.  

“MoistTech utilizes NIR technology, as it has proven to be the most efficient method while never coming into direct contact with the product. It provides a non-destructive analysis of the moisture content and is insensitive to most material variations like height or color. NIR allows the user to rely on repeatable data rather than an estimated guess, like most other technologies provide.  

“Originally, MoistTech was the first moisture measurement and control company to patent an NIR technology-based system, putting this kind of technology ‘on the map’ for years to come,” she reflects. “We have since made major improvements to ensure we continue to provide the most accurate system in the industry, but we still rely on NIR for the best results.” 

State-of-the-art software 

When compared to competing technologies, MoistTech’s NIR has multiple advantages. As the technology only uses initial calibration, the company’s NIR systems don’t require continuous maintenance, and they don’t experience drifting over time, meaning they are always reliable. With more than 40 years of experience with NIR technology, MoistTech has developed state-of-the-art software that offsets any reduced reflectance over time to reduce accuracy changes to zero. 

“We confidently maintain an accuracy rate level of around 0.1 percent depending on the application and can guarantee a zero-drift design that is pre-calibrated directly from our facility and doesn’t require recalibration in the future,” Sarah confirms. “We’ve perfected the design and ensure that we continuously incorporate advancements into the product. Also, external hardware is often required to power competing sensors, which can lead to extra charges and higher failure rates. MoistTech’s equipment, however, does not require any external hardware; instead, we supply software and unlimited licensing capabilities within the package.” 

Aside from moisture, MoistTech’s sensors can also monitor other elements that absorb NIR light. “While our equipment primarily measures moisture, it also monitors coating weight, glue thickness, oil content, temperature, and can produce protein and fat trending data,” Sarah confirms. “Each sensor is able to measure two constituents at once and can store up to 50 product variations or codes, making it a breeze to notify the sensors of a change in the product on the production line. 

“Moisture, coating, and oil detection provide improved quality, reduced production costs, and increased plant efficiency with immediate line adjustment abilities,” she adds. “While the sensors monitor these attributes, they are equipped with the ability to ignore variations in the product like particle size, material height, and color. We also offer customers full control over the sensor, meaning they can make changes or add calibrations without our assistance.” 

Successful relationships 

When we last spoke with the business, the team were keen to strengthen MoistTech’s marketing presence and attend more trade shows. “Last year, we attended a total of 24 trade shows, including four where we debuted our equipment, and we’ve received great results, with new opportunities in customer applications,” Sarah says. 

“The ability to network and interact with customers face-to-face allows us to truly understand the manufacturing issues they are facing and how a simple implementation of moisture measurement and control can almost always alleviate their issues in some way. Although we also perform many other marketing activities, building customer relationships through networking will always be one of our strongest features. 

“Our approach to customer relationships links to product development,” she continues. “At times we learn right alongside the customer; we know our technology inside and out, but sometimes we come across an application that we haven’t worked with before. We’re all about successful relationships and ensuring outcomes work for both parties, so running tests and providing the customer with accuracy levels allows us to determine how well an application will work.” 

Plug and play 

Turning to the advantages MoistTech’s sensors bring to clients’ applications, Sarah explains: “Our product offers immediate production line adjustments to improve product quality and consistency. Whereas alternative systems must stop the production line to make adjustments, our product alleviates concerns over lost time and money – not to mention possibly wasted product due to bad moisture levels. 

“For most products, moisture content has an undesired effect on the quality of the final products, but controlling and adjusting the moisture content can eliminate numerous issues. Each application has varying benefits, but generally brings advantages like improved product quality monitoring, reduced waste, increased control, and improved accuracy.  

“We pride ourselves on providing systems that require minimal maintenance,” she states. “The only maintenance our equipment requires is ensuring the lens is kept clean to see the material, which is accomplished by connecting one-to-two PSI of air. This enhances our ‘plug and play’ operation, as the systems can simply be installed without the need for any further interference.” 

As a leading provider of NIR technology, MoistTech is sure to continue innovating in the realm of moisture measurement and control technology to meet manufacturers’ evolving requirements. By actively engaging with clients to accurately understand their needs, the business not only delivers tailored solutions, but fosters longstanding relationships built on mutual success.  

“Over the next year, we intend to grow our team to better cover the needs of our customers and provide more on-site assistance and training,” Sarah concludes. “We’re also establishing a dedicated start-up team to assist customers in immediate implementation, increase vendor relationships, and ensure our increase in tradeshow attendance remains on the upswing.”