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Discover how the right technology can reshape the future of your manufacturing 

The rise of groundbreaking technologies has brought about a remarkable shift in the industrial landscape. Industry 4.0 and in particular the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies have played a pivotal role in this transformation. Achieving operational excellence, enhanced efficiency, and a competitive edge are no longer mere aspirations, but the new reality. To keep up with this accelerating trend, smart manufacturing empowered by GenAI has emerged as a game-changing strategy, offering unparalleled opportunities to boost operational efficiency, enhance product quality, significantly reduce downtime, and enhance asset utilization in industrial environments. Decisyon, a respected innovator offering advanced, proven technology and solutions, plays a significant role in this digital transformation revolution.

Decisyon’s solutions for smart manufacturing are characterized by insight, speed, and agility. Using these solutions, businesses quickly experience significant improvements in ROI and innovation speed, while simultaneously reducing costs and time to market. Just imagine the potential benefits ― saving an average of ten percent of your total annual cost or improving your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) by three percent. Decisyon’s solutions not only empower businesses to compete better, but also pave the way for continuous optimization and innovation, leveraging operational data to learn and improve. 

Decisyon’s Digital Factory suite of Smart Manufacturing applications, along with the company’s visual low-code platform, Decisyon App Composer™ (DAC), with robust business process features, accelerates your digital transformation and facilitates customizing IIoT application development. Decisyon provides true end-to-end functionality, from data ingestion and aggregation to visualization, advanced analytics, smart collaboration and decision-making as well as intelligent actionable recommendations, streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and significantly boosting ROI. 

Decisyon’s applications have successfully improved operational efficacy across diverse multi-billion-dollar vertical industries worldwide, including CPG, Pharma, Industrials and Renewables. Companies that have implemented Decisyon apps have experienced real-time control, reduced manual intervention, decreased error rates, and stable process monitoring. The transformative impact of its solutions leads to immediate operational improvements with impressive ROI, as well as lasting benefits such as improved safety, quality, delivery speed, and competitiveness. 

Next, we’ll explore real-world examples of how Decisyon’s solutions have been applied in various production processes, demonstrating tangible benefits such as improved ROI and enhanced OEE.  

Empowering decision-makers with digital lean manufacturing 

Decisyon’s Lean Manufacturing Optimizer application (DLMO) blends innovation and practicality, providing decision-makers with a fully mobile, actionable, end-to-end solution engineered to accelerate decision-making processes in lean manufacturing. This powerful platform is not just a piece of software; it’s a catalyst for operational excellence. 

The partnership between Decisyon and Schneider Electric exemplifies the convergence of digital innovation and operational excellence in manufacturing. Schneider Electric, a global multi-billion-dollar manufacturer in the digital automation and energy management sector, required a digitalized solution to accelerate decision-making in lean manufacturing meetings and action items execution, which would significantly improve their Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). 

By streamlining and automating KPI-driven actions, DLMO empowered Schneider Electric to realize up to an eight percent potential increase in OEE within just one year – a remarkable feat that underscores the platform’s ability to drive sustainable performance improvements and operational efficiency at scale. According to Anthony Loy, VP Smart & Sustainable Industrial Ecosystem Transformation at Schneider Electric: “Using the native collaboration capabilities and data-driven execution functions of Decisyon App Composer, Schneider Electric’s Global Supply Chain has transformed 192 plants in four continents to work like they belong to a unique human being with one heartbeat guided by our Smart Factory digital brain.”  

Accelerating change-overs with an end-to-end IIoT solution 

Changeover activities, switching from one product to another in a production line, pose a significant challenge for manufacturers, often leading to downtime, inefficiencies, and production bottlenecks. Reducing the adjustment time for each changeover is an important cost savings driver. As part of its comprehensive digital transformation strategy, a major global multi-billion bearing manufacturer engaged Decisyon to deliver a software solution that would help them meet their operational goals and gain more flexibility and efficiency in their changeover process. 

Decisyon delivered a fully automated changeover application, providing a single point of access in a unique mobile interface. This end-to-end IIoT solution collects the data, configures the changeover requirements and changes the status of each individual machine in the line without human intervention, ultimately correlating this activity with available Gantt and paperless production plans. Because the solution eliminated manual adjustments, reduced process interruptions and improved overall efficiency, the manufacturer achieved unprecedented levels of operational autonomy and agility – a testament to the platform’s versatility and adaptability and multi-million-dollar annual savings in each plant. 


Performance and productivity boost with collaborative intelligence 

Abafoods, a leading producer of plant-based drinks, has sustainable factories producing over 100 million liters of plant-based drinks per year. Abafoods is part of the French group Ecotone, Europe’s leading organic food for biodiversity producer. Abafoods was seeking a digitalized environment to manage operating instructions, material management, machine settings and In-Process Controls. It ordered up Decisyon’s modular and flexible MES to boost performance and collaborative intelligence, and their implementation of Decisyon’s software solution led to a roughly 25 percent reduction in internal non-conformities, a 15 percent improvement in plan conformance, and a three percent rise in customer service levels.  

Digital OEE to drive improved efficiency 

Italfarmaco, a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in women’s health, experienced significant benefits from Decisyon’s Digital OEE application. By replacing manual data collection with automated processes and enabling real-time alerts, Italfarmaco gained actionable insights, increased flexibility, and accelerated time-to-market – an outcome that underscores Decisyon’s role as a catalyst for digital transformation and operational excellence. 

“Decisyon’s OEE improved not only real-time information; the analysis on the collected data in six months also led us to build different business cases for investment in new machines,” stated Lorenzo Ariotti, Italfarmaco Production Manager.  

The future of Smart Manufacturing 

In a recent white paper Generative AI and the Smart Manufacturing Revolution,’ Decisyon illuminates the fundamental role of Generative AI in further catalyzing the Digitalization and Smart Manufacturing revolution. Emphasizing its capacity to enhance operational efficiency, drive data-driven decision-making, and inspire innovation, Decisyon underscores the transformative potential of Generative AI in transitioning toward the ‘dark factory’ operation. By leveraging this technology, Decisyon is committed to delivering end-to-end solutions that provide unparalleled intelligence, self-learning and self-healing operations along with very high visibility into manufacturing processes and streamlined workflows. 

In the realm of smart manufacturing, mere technological advancements are insufficient. A holistic approach to digital transformation, encompassing data analytics, Generative AI, predictive models, and automation, is essential for staying competitive. Decisyon’s Smart Manufacturing application enabled by AI self-learning, predictive and preventative insights will empower businesses to further enhance, make faster, smarter decisions and navigate complex production environments with confidence and clarity. 

Looking ahead, Decisyon is focusing on innovating AI-enabled solutions that foster a more efficient, resilient, and sustainable industry landscape. With each decision and solution, Decisyon drives significant ROI and savings, cementing its role as a leader in the digitalization of the manufacturing industry. For industry professionals at all levels, the future of manufacturing is not just imminent – it’s informed, precise, and predictive, thanks to Decisyon’s pioneering advancements.