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Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd, is a digital thermometer manufacturer, producing digital thermometers, catering thermometers, moisture meters, pH meters, dataloggers and other related products

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI) is a private limited company founded in 1983 by Miriam and Peter Webb. Over the past 33 years, ETI has developed a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of quality and value for money instrumentation and temperature sensors. ETI manufactures in its two Worthing factories a comprehensive range of digital thermometers and temperature probes, and sells a wide range of temperature measurement instrumentation, sensors and associated accessories. ETI instruments are designed to be easy to use and offer the benefits of a reliable product, available at a variety of price levels. The thermometers can be used for a wide assortment of applications from testing the temperature of chilled food to hot asphalt.

The benefits of having in-house manufacturing and design facilities give ETI an advantage over the majority of the competition, which in the main, import part or wholly assembled instruments. The flexibility and knowledge of detailed manufacture provides an added dimension to the service it can offer its customers. ETI’s knowledge and experience in the manufacture of sensors, enables the company to provide a bespoke design service. Temperature monitoring has become an important factor in the business world and, with it, more diverse applications that ETI can assist the customer to measure.

There are several reasons for the success of the business, and an essential one is the workforce ETI has. The company can boast a valuable, hardworking, and talented team of employees, and this was something that MD Peter Webb was keen to highlight: “We have a lot of loyalty in our workforce and they are really good at what they do. We have got people who have been here for 25 years and those people have grown up with the business and we owe a great deal of debt to those people because they have invested a great deal of time and effort into ETI. Our employees are significantly our number one asset – from my point of view they have done a fantastic job over the years.”

Another major strength of ETI, which is absolutely essential, is its research and development, this has resulted in a number of improvements and new technologies. The focus that the company commits to this area is a positive sign for the future of the business, and Peter went into more detail about some of the success of this: “Research and development is huge, if you don’t develop new products then you basically are saying your business will not grow and likely decline. Investing in this – looking at ideas and ways of doing things, and approaching projects differently in the process or product is core to how we approach this.” ETI has a number of new products that demonstrate the innovative nature of the company and its approach to progress, and Peter highlighted some interesting developments: “We have a patent for a rotating 360 degree display – it uses an LCD, and nobody else in the industry can use this due to the patent, and that certainly provides us with a nice competitive strength. It means that there will be certain instruments that once they have the display can be turned 360 degrees, whether you are left handed or right handed.”

Peter then continued and discussed another exciting development: “We have the Bluetooth technology, but are also working on WIFI products – which will allow people to measure temperatures remotely from anywhere. For example, if you run a restaurant and want to ensure that the expensive stock doesn’t degrade due to a rise in temperature of the fridge – due to the door being left open or a fault – you are able to get an SMS text notifying you that the temperature has gone past a certain number.

This would mean you are able to react quickly and rectify the situation, saving money on stock, and providing peace of mind. With this technology it offers an exciting opportunity for us to use within some of our products, which can then be utilised by a diverse section of businesses or individuals.”

ETI’s success and quality has not gone unnoticed, it has been the recipient of many awards, though some of particular note are the two Queens Awards that the company has won for export. Another impressive one was the individual award London and South East Director of the Year Award in 2014 that Peter Webb won, this was a great acknowledgment of the work done at ETI and demonstrates the reputation it has among its peers. The company’s products also being often used by those in visible positions, some of its thermometers are the choice of a popular national cookery programme, and is also a favourite of many celebrity chefs, both veterans of the industry as well as up and coming ones. This demonstrates that ETI’s products are trusted and used by those who understand the importance of reliability and quality.

Therefore, with ETI holding a target of hitting £20 million turnover in 2020, and expecting to reach £13 million turnover for 2016, the future seems bright. The company will continue to improve, develop, and create even more cutting edge products, and considering the popularity of its products already, it seems likely that ETI will only continue to grow.

Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI)
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