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Spring into action

European Springs and Pressings Limited, the company that succeeds without specialising

European Springs and Pressings Limited has been in existence for nearly 70 years. Established back in 1948 by Burt Moore, the company remained family run until the Swedish Lesjöfors Group acquired it in 2007. At the time of the acquisition the business was turning over around £6 million, but today that figure has increased to £16.5 million.

The company has two UK manufacturing facilities in London, Cornwall and a stocking facility in Leeds. “From our facilities we deliver a bespoke service designing and manufacturing springs in a comprehensive range of materials, for tension springs, torsion springs, extension and compression springs, to wire forms and pressings. From the facility in Cornwall we specialise in heavy wire with a diameter of three mm to 26 mm and in our London operation we focus on the light wire side of the business, ranging from 0.10mm to four mm diameter. We also supply all the stampings, pressings and sub-assemblies from London for which we make our own tools. The Leeds operation is a standard stock facility selling a standard range of compression extension, springs and gas struts,” explains Stuart McSheehy, Managing Director of European Springs and Pressings Limited.

“It’s our 3D modelling that sets us apart,” says Stuart. “3D computer graphics is the process of developing a mathematical representation of a three-dimensional surface of an object using specialised software. Clients come in to us with an idea or a concept and we turn it into a reality in front of their eyes. We show the parts operating as it would in a real life situation. As soon as the customer sees our ability to be able to develop certain products for the future we get immediate buy in,” explains Stuart. “With 3D modelling we are able to engineer wire products, strip products, and multi piece assembly solutions.”

Working closely with clients in meeting their needs and requirements, the company provides a highly focused personal service that places the greatest emphasis on building long-term relationships. However small or demanding a project, the team has the skills to produce innovative and cost-effective solutions. It adheres to the highest of standards, ensuring an excellent service from initial discussion to final delivery.

European Springs and Pressings Ltd boasts stocks over 12,000 products such as disc springs, gas springs, stampings and pressings. Thanks to an extensive range of machinery, and state-of-the-art design facilities, the company is able to deliver one-off prototyping services right up to full-scale serial production. At its peak capacity it is able to produce over three million components every hour. This is supported by a stock of over 600 tons of raw material to ensure it is able to react to all production and service demands from its clients.

“There is a huge demand in industry for spring and pressings within the UK. Our springs are used in the most unlikely places and in the most unusual applications. Springs are in every phone, door lock, vehicle and switch that we all use in our daily lives. We have approximately 3500 active customers spread across many industry sectors including electronics, railway, agriculture, mechanical engineering, fire equipment furniture, defence, and pharmaceuticals. Siemens are one of our big blue chip customers and we have a lot of big clients in the automotive industry,” explains Stuart. “We offer the entire solution from engineering solutions to supply chain management, product engineering and process engineering. One of our key objectives is that we don’t specialise.”

It’s this alternative way of thinking that seems to push the company forward no matter what is going on in the world. “We’ve certainly seen some challenges, but positive ones,” explains Stuart. “We’ve seen the Brexit noise come and go and it created three month hesitancy in the market. Customers regained confidence that business will continue regardless and we’re doing very well. Since the UK voted for Brexit we’ve added five big blue chip clients to our customer base, looking for strong future partners. We are the partner that can develop robust products reliably and on time.”

The vision for European Springs and Pressings Ltd is to keep up with all the latest and innovative technologies and to continue what it’s doing. “Later in 2017 we are moving our Leeds facility to bigger premises. We currently stock 600 tons of materials to ensure we can meet production demands. We also intend to invest into coiling, pressing and process monitoring equipment in the London and Cornwall facilities,” concludes Stuart.

European Springs and Pressings Limited
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